Otterbox Defender is one of the toughest case available in the market for iPhone and other smartphones devices such Samsung, HTC, LG and much more. This time we will review in depth of defender case series for iPhone and Samsung.

Why Otterbox Defender?

otterbox defender for iphone detailed layer of protections

Otterbox defender is one of the rugged case available for extreme protection. The downside is that this case does not cover water protection like some other did such as Lifeproof, but in return, these series offer 3 layers of protection, 2 layers internal polycarbonate shell for cushioning and additional belt holster for outdoor use. With a robust design that delivers extreme protection from drops ( certified drop protection from Otterbox ), dust and bumps, this series will give you a piece of mind without worrying your phone device getting scratch or bend.

Other not to mention since it’s owned by Otterbox which is number 1 trusted brands for smartphone protection according to The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service: Cell Phone Device Protection/Units Sold 4/2014 – 03/2015, ensuring you with 1-year local Australia warranty from the manufacturer. To ensure your warranty is valid, please follow detail instruction how to install into your device.

Function and advantages

The main advantages that other types and brands do not have is the holster included with the case. The holster is work as belt clip and hands-free kickstand without an additional price to pay. Also included is the membrane or ultra clear screen protector which is invisible, easy application and 99% UV resistant. Also with polycarbonate shell and holster, makes it tough as a rock for a phone protection.

Also not to mention is the port cover for your iPhone and Samsung. This cover will protect from dust and dirt entering your jack and ports. Not much other brand and model cover this, but since defender series is a rugged and for heavy duty users out there, this covers is one of the advantages of this series.

How to install defender case

Please watch video below for detailed installation guide to ensure maximum protection for your phone.

Certified drop protection for iPhone and Samsung

What is certified drop ? Every case with certified drop logo in Otterbox cases had 238+ hours tested from barrage of wear and everyday wear and tear from your bag or daily use. What are the tests included?

  • Drop Test
  • Abrasion Test
  • Proximity Sensor Test
  • Fingerprint Sensor Test
  • NFC Connectivity Test
  • Insertion Removal Test
  • Button Compatibility Test
  • Port Compatibility Test
  • Fit Test
  • Call Audio Test
  • Voice Command Recognition Test
  • Loudspeaker Test
  • Touchscreen Compatibility Test
  • Switch Compatibility Test
  • Purse Test
  • Cavi Wipe Test
  • Purell® Wipe Test
  • Rubbing Alcohol Test
  • Cross-Cut Adhesion Test
  • Sweat Test
  • Thermal Shock Test
  • UV Test
  • Holster Test
  • Camera Test
  • High Temp & Humidity Test
  • Cold Storage Test
  • Hand Lotion Resistance Test
  • Makeup Resistance Test
  • Jeans Pocket Test
  • Ambient Light Sensor Test

Those tests are most of daily use test to ensure your phone’s protected inside out. To have maximum protection, make sure you take out your phone from case and clean it regularly. This will also prevent scratch to your phone if just in case somehow small dust entering from the port while charging or when you’re out in the sand.

Which models are covered by this certified drop? Currently, defender, symmetry and commuter for iPhone and Samsung is covered by drop protection. For more information, you can visit Otterbox official website.

Colours and availability

colour selection otterbox defender for iphone and samsung

Due to demand, Otterbox defender almost available for the latest smartphone models and brands such as LG v20, Google Pixel, Motorola Droid, HTC 9 and much more. This design will adapt to individual phone design and maintain button functionality. The most general colour available is the Black, white grey and blue; but in the most popular brand such as iPhone and Samsung galaxy, they have more available option of colours to choose from camo orange, teal, pink, happy waves and more. All this selection, prices are starting from $44.95 at Syntricate.

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