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For the Otterbox Defender users, have you realised that the case has upgraded for the Samsung Galaxy S9? Today I’m going to show you some of the improvements of the Otterbox Defender for the Samsung Galaxy S9 compared to the previous version. Though the price is still the same with the Otterbox Defender for the Samsung Galaxy S8, the build quality with the new Samsung Galaxy S9 is significantly better so, now let’s see some of the improvements on my hands-on comparison.

1. Extra coating on the clips and bottom part

otterbox defender frame s9 australia

I’ve found out that in the Otterbox Defender for S9, they have reinforced the bottom part and the clip around the case by combining an extra plastic, therefore, it’s thicker than the old version. This additional coating will make it stronger, and the chance of cracking will be smaller. I’ve experienced with the old version which is thinner and unfortunately cracks the bottom part and clip around the case because I often put on and off the case to my phone. It might happen to you too if you take the case on and off so, it’s better to leave the case on to minimize the risk of cracking the frame.

2. Extra Clips on the back

extra clip otterbox defender s9 australia

Otterbox has added extra clips to the Samsung S9 case. It contains seven clips which are more clips than the previous case (the former case has five clips). If you drop your phone with a loose case, there will be a sudden impact to your screen and might crack if you’re not lucky. So, these clips are there to withstand the case from breaking.

3. Rubber bumper inside the case for Otterbox Defender S9

rubber bumper otterbox defender s9

There’s an extra rubber bumper inside the case but not in the previous Samsung Galaxy S8. It's made to give extra protection to your phone, and this makes the case more rugged than the previous case.

4. The new star pattern on the side and top makes it more elastic

new star pattern otterbox defender s9

more elastic otterbox defender s9

There’s a new pattern on the sides and on the top of the case. It’s there to make it less slippery and more rubbery. In my experience, the new Otterbox Defender for Samsung Galaxy S9 didn’t slip at all from the table when I did a test with the Otterbox Defender S8.

5. Installing the case starts from the bottom

Installing the case starts from the bottom s9 otterbox defender

Installing the case starts from the bottom clip, clip it around the polycarbonate shell and put on the rubber case.

The Downsides

otterbox defender downsides s9

otterbox defender s9 downsides 2

The charging port is hard to reach if you’re using the case with a clip on the back, I reckon you need a long nail to reach it. The other thing is the clip for media viewing or belt clip makes it hard to slip in and out of your pocket.


All I can say is that the Otterbox Defender for the Samsung Galaxy S9 is way better than the previous Samsung Galaxy S8 version. The new case gets more rugged because of the bumper within the rubber case, the coating on the frame gets thicker, and other improvements in this latest case make it worth it to have for the sake of your phone’s protection. So, I suggest you get the Otterbox Defender for the Samsung Galaxy S9 before you break your precious phone.

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