Otterbox Defender vs Pelican Comparison

Hey guys, I know some of us need heavy-duty protection on our phones, so I’m comparing two of the best, most well known tough cases. Check it out if you're interested in picking one up.

My first impression on both cases

Otterbox Defender vs Pelican Comparison

Otterbox Defender vs Pelican Comparison

The first thing on my mind was these cases have the same installation process where you have to open the case in two to be able to install it. The Otterbox Defender feels tougher because there’s a rubber covering the case unlike the Pelican Voyager Case without a rubber covering the whole case.

Otterbox Defender Case

Otterbox Defender review

Sometimes I think we need heavy-duty protection in a case going out doing harsh work or other things that needed extra protection. I heard this case as the most bulkiest case, Otterbox Defender so I tried it.

Holding the Otterbox Defender for the first time feels as if it comes from high-quality material. I found a cool feature from this bulky case which is added to the back of the outer layer. I applied the kickstand for easy viewing on the table, or sometimes I just put it on my belt while going out.

The things that I find amazing The things that I find annoying
  • Multi-layer protection
  • Full rubber protection
  • Kickstand for easy viewing on the table or put it on a belt
  • Bulky

Pelican Voyager Case

Otterbox Pelican review

Another case I love that's less bulky but still protective is the Pelican Voyager Case. The design is thinner than the Otterbox, but I think it’s not as protective as the Otterbox. Installation of the case is pretty simple, but the screen protector needs to be thumbed on.

When I first use this case, I was worried that it would come apart easily but it didn’t. In terms of build quality, there are two rubber line on the back of the case that holds up quite well as the rubber portion of the case is what makes contact with the surface.

The things that I find amazing The things that I find annoying
  • A screen protector that you can take off
  • Bonus holster for media viewing or belt clip
  • A little bit hard to turn the holster
  • The back of the case feels fragile
  • Screen protector looks like a regular plastic screen protector that could come off easily

The Difference

Otterbox Defender vs Pelican Comparison

Pelican Voyager comes with a plastic screen protector while Otterbox Defender has no screen protector. The screen protector on the Otterbox Defender leaves a gap between the screen and the screen protector and can be taken off too if you don’t want to use it. For me, it’s a bit annoying typing with the plastic screen protector. It’s harder to turn the Pelican Voyager Case than the Defender in the beginning but will be softer in time and doesn’t turn 360 ° like the Defender.

The Similarities

Otterbox Defender vs Pelican Comparison
Otterbox Defender vs Pelican Comparison

The only thing the same with these cases is the holster. Both can use as a media viewing and clip it on a belt.


Trying to decide between two different types of cases always comes from your personal needs. If you work on the field or have a more rugged lifestyle, I recommend the Otterbox Defender. There’s a couple of layers on the Defender, and this is great for drop protection.

While the Pelican Voyager Case does look more stylish and thinner, I think is great for those who want a rugged case but not too heavy to carry around, and easy to slip in the pocket. In terms of protection, Otterbox Defender is thicker since there’s a full rubber on the outside and covered with closed ports. The dust won’t get in from the lightning cable ports, but there won’t be protection on the screen.

The price of Otterbox Defender for Samsung Galaxy S9 is A$64.95 while the Pelican Voyager Case is at A$69.95. I don’t understand why Pelican Voyager Case is more expensive. Maybe because it’s slimmer, but for me, I ‘ll choose the Otterbox Defender because although it’s thicker but more protected with the closed lightning port and rubber cover.

So, that’s all about my honest review with the Pelican Voyager Case and Otterbox Defender. If you have any experience with the case, you can share here and let me know what you think.

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