otterbox otter + pop symmetry case for iphone 8/7 review

Do you know what you get from an Otterbox Symmetry case and a PopSockets PopGrip? You get the Otterbox Otter + Pop Case. It’s a protective iPhone case, and a PopSockets PopGrip built right in. There are also cool colours to choose from, and you could even swap it with other PopSockets!

Design & Features

otterbox otter + pop symmetry case for iphone 8/7 review australia

The case and the PopGrip come together, but you can swap them as you like by buying more PopGrip. Removing the PopGrip is easy, just press and twist like opening a medicine bottle, and once it’s in place, it does feel so secure. You can see how thick is the case by looking at the camera cutouts, particularly towards the middle of the case, but don’t worry, it’s not really bulky on the hand and slide well in the pocket.

The Otterbox Otter + Pop Symmetry Series iPhone Case comes in a variety of colours and what’s more, is you can customize your case by buying more PopGrips separately, so it comes with the PopGrip of your choice.

What I love

This case is a mix between the Otterbox Symmetry plus the PopGrip. So, with all that protection from Otterbox, I do feel my phone is securely protected. Taking photos and texting also feels even more comfortable as you don’t need to hold your phone by making that “pinkie shelf” and you can use it as a stand to watch movies. The other thing that I like is the colour choices and you can change the PopGrips to suit your mood every day.

What I hate

The case will look really odd without the PopGrip on. You can use the case without the PopGrip but without it, it will just look weird, so you really need to have the PopGrip on all the time to make it nice. Another thing is some of the wireless pad doesn’t work with the case but some do.


  • Otterbox protective case
  • Protective one-piece case pops on and off fast
  • A fun selection of colours and patterns


  • Some wireless charging doesn’t work
  • Looks strange without the PopGrip


With both of these products, the best of Otterbox's famous protection and PopSockets' famous convenience is mixed in one case. Do remember that some wireless charging pad doesn’t work with the case on. Keep the PopGrip on to make it look cool every time you use it and change the PopGrips to suit your mood every day!

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