otterbox pursuit case comparison : black vs clear pursuit case

OtterBox began like many start-ups – built on a dream and started in a garage. Starting with something as simple as a box, they grew up to be the best rugged case today. So, have a look at the Otterbox Pursuit that comes with an integrated lanyard, and has got all the qualities of an Otterbox Defender in a slim profile. But is there any difference between the black and clear case in terms of protection? Let’s find out!

Otterbox Pursuit Case – Clear & Black

Otterbox Pursuit Case – Clear & Black

The Otterbox Pursuit is the best Otterbox case for dust and debris protection. The lightning port has a tight fitting plug, and the camera cutouts are surrounded by foam which keeps dust and debris from collecting inside the case. The edges of the case are pretty high to keep the screen off a flat surface when you suddenly drop it. For easy handling, Otterbox Pursuit also comes with a lanyard to make it easy to hold.

Black or clear colour?

Black or clear colour case

The Otterbox Pursuit case comes in clear and black colour. wether you want it black or clear, Otterbox Pursuit Case has got all the protection of an Otterbox Defender. But the problem with clear case is that clear cases have a tendency to show scratches and fingerprints more than the black colour case.

Otterbox Pursuit Case – Clear & Black

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Thin, modern design
  • All ports are sealed
  • The fit and size is excellent Lanyard attachment available
  • Quite expensive
  • No screen protector
  • Silent button is flimsy
  • Not waterproof


The Otterbox Pursuit Case clear and black have all the protection of an Otterbox Defender. Both have the OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection and even if it's slimmer than the Otterbox Defender, the Pursuit case still offers better protection than other average tough cases. If you choose the clear back Pursuit case, scratches will often appear than the black colour case so, I recommend the black case since it feels more rugged. Moreover, it's slimmer than the Otterbox Defender. 

The pursuit case I got is the black colour, and it does feel durable, but the switch for the silent button on the side is very flimsy and difficult to use, so if you’re one to constantly silent the phone with the side button you might have issues like I have, with the side switch on the case. Overall, these cases from Otterbox have all the qualities of an Otterbox Defender but in a slimmer case, and if you want less appearance of scratches, you can choose the Clear Otterbox Pursuit Case.

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