otterbox pursuit case for galaxy s10 review

Between Otterbox Defender, Defender Pro and Pursuit, the thinnest is the Otterbox Pursuit. If you need a slim modern design case with ultimate protection, the Pursuit is the right one as it’s grippy on the hand.  But are there any differences between the clear and the black case? Both have the same price but since the black and the clear case have a different design, do they also have the same protection? Let’s find out below!

Otterbox Pursuit Case for Galaxy S10 - Clear & Black

otterbox pursuit case for galaxy s10


The clear and the black case have the same OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection; hence both feels thinner and offer better protection than other average tough cases. Both cases are pretty thick on the sides with an internal impact liner to absorb shocks and sealed around every opening for complete protection.

These cases are pretty durable, and the little cutouts on the front will actually channel your bottom speaker and actually push the sound to the front so you could have that effect like you have two front-facing speakers. Another protection is for the sides, you get a lot of lip protection and is great for screen protection in case you drop down your phone.


We can literally see the difference from the design but whether you want it black or clear, both have the same features. But If you choose the clear back Pursuit case, scratches and smudges will often appear than the black colour case, so I like the black case as it feels rugged like the Otterbox Defender but slimmer.

Pros Cons
  • All ports are sealed
  • Thin, modern design
  • The fit and size is great
  • Lanyard attachment available
  • Quite expensive
  • Not waterproof
  • No screen protector Silent button is flimsy

Certified drop protection for Samsung

Every case with certified drop logo in Otterbox cases has rigorous testing performed to ensure each case is dependable and durable when needed most. The test include:

  • Drop Test
  • Abrasion Test
  • Proximity Sensor Test
  • Fingerprint Sensor Test
  • NFC Connectivity Test
  • Insertion Removal Test
  • Button Compatibility Test
  • Port Compatibility Test
  • Fit Test Call Audio Test
  • Voice Command Recognition Test
  • Loudspeaker Test
  • Touchscreen Compatibility Test
  • Switch Compatibility Test
  • Purse Test
  • Cavi Wipe Test
  • Purell® Wipe Test
  • Rubbing Alcohol Test
  • Cross-Cut Adhesion Test
  • Sweat Test
  • Thermal Shock Test
  • UV Test Holster Test
  • Camera Test
  • High Temp & Humidity Test
  • Cold Storage Test
  • Hand Lotion Resistance Test
  • Makeup Resistance Test
  • Jeans Pocket Test
  • Ambient Light Sensor Test


If you guys paid a lot for the Galaxy S10 then this is time to invest in the case that might be a good option. If you want to showcase your phone but still need a lot of protection then get the clear case but the problem with clear cases is that they have a tendency to show scratches and fingerprints more than the black colour case. If you're a fan of black cases that look like the Otterbox Defender but in a slimmer version then get the Otterbox Pursuit. Be noted that the Defender is still stronger than the Pursuit. Both clear and black costs A$89.95 so get your rugged and slim case wrapped in one case with Otterbox Pursuit case.

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