otterbox pursuit case vs otterbox commuter case for samsung galaxy s10 comparison

OtterBox cases have traditionally come in a fair bit bulkier than most others. You'll pay a bit more for the OtterBox brand, but you're getting a quality case that should stand the test of time and keep your new Galaxy S10 from certain damage. We’re now going to see the two cases from Otterbox and you might be wondering the difference between the two cases as both have 2 piece and both cases look slightly the same but why does the Otterbox pursuit cost a whole lot more? What’s the difference between these slim rugged cases?

Otterbox Pursuit Case

otterbox pursuit case review

Have a look at the modern design case with ultimate protection from Otterbox. The Pursuit has Otterbox drop certification as it can protect the phone in the unwanted drops. The pursuit has two major parts, a top lip and a back cover that spans across the sides but first, you need to remove the top lip to put the phone and put back the lip to create a tight seal for the screen in front. Another protection includes a tight rubber seal for the lightning port and lanyard slot is available at the bottom for added protection. Though the speaker section is closed, the pursuit has a special hole that redirects the speakers directing upwards.

The camera area is also protected through the raised body of the pursuit, it’s nice as you have no chance to touch the camera lens to avoid smudges. Side protection is also strong, all sides are well protected from any bumps and scratches. Diagonal edges helped the overall grip to be a lot grippy on the hand despite the fat body added. Moreover, there is a wrist lanyard also provided for easy handling and really gave that added peace of mind. Unfortunately, tempered glass isn’t welcomed in the pursuit series as the rubber lips are extending more than the previous case. So remember that you need to remove any screen tempered glasses when using this series.

What we like: What we don’t like:
  • Sealed camera and opening
  • Thin and modern design case
  • Lanyard attachment available
  • Not friendly with screen protector
  • Removal and installation is a bit complicated

Otterbox Commuter Case

otterbox commuter case review

The Commuter has been a winner for many years among the top three cases from Otterbox and what we have here is the Otterbox Commuter which is a two-part case that does it all to protect the Galaxy S10 sensitive curved edges. Looking at the construction of the pursuit is a combination of polycarbonate and a hard rubber as well as I believe some nylon thrown in as well. The polycarbonate on the back at least with the solid colors is a nice matte finished polycarbonate that is quite resistant to scratches is nice.

The case is a silicon inner-shell fits around the phone like a worn-in glove, and the case is reinforced by a tough plastic outer-shell. This design makes for a case that feels pretty well-protected, and despite the two pieces case, it doesn't add much bulk to the overall package. The Commuter offers a high level of protection without adding a ton of bulk including front facing protection that really protects the screen when you put the screen down. We’d still recommend taking the Otterbox Commuter off every once in a while to clean the dust/debris.

What we like: What we don’t like:
  • The back is a bit slick
  • Sealed camera and opening
  • Easy installation
  • The back is slick
  • Hard to use one-handed
  • Larger than the average case
  • The raised edges on the front of the case may interfere with screen protector


Taking care of your new phone is no doubt important, that’s why Otterbox has been a long-time rugged case provider for smartphones.  But in recent years, OtterBox cases have made a case that has a balance between design, protection, and utility. If you need a slim modern design case with ultimate protection, the Pursuit is the right one as it’s rugged, more grippy on the hand and the back is not as slippery as the Commuter and it comes with a bonus wrist lanyard too.

If you want a cheaper one with a thinner case but still robust, the Commuter is the one. The Commuter provides toughness at every angle, but unfortunately, it’s pretty large to hold it and slippery on the back.  In conclusion, both cases are relatively thin with Otterbox Certified Protection and a sealed camera and opening. If you don’t mind on spending more, I can say that the Otterbox Pursuit is the best slim with ultimate protection.

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