When I got my iPhone XS, I immediately search for the best leather case for it since I love premium leather. There are certain qualities that I prefer to see in a wallet case. For instance, it must be black, it can’t be too bulky, it can’t be a clumsy folio, and it has to have good-feeling buttons. It gets bonus points for giving me a slot to store my door card and ATM card and for having a nice leathery aroma. So, I found out about the Otterbox Strada and Casemate and here are my thoughts about the both premium leather case.



Otterbox Drop Protection

The most thing I like about this wallet case from Otterbox is that it’s not only made from premium leather but also have the Otterbox Certified Protection because trust me, it's hard to find a genuine leather folio case that has drop protection.

Design & Features

I just love the black colour of this wallet case which looks exclusive since it’s made from premium leather. This folio-style case is crafted from stiff polycarbonate, and energy-absorbing polymers to combine premium material with drop protection with a high lip and covered buttons. The folio cover also locks right away with a magnetic metal latch, guarding your device's screen against scratches and bumps. When you fold it back, it also reveals a vertical slot for cash or a card. Another bonus feature is that you can double up the folio to convert it into a useful kickstand for media watching.

What I like:

  • OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection
  • Easy to get on and off your iPhone.
  • Port openings are generously sized.
  • Stand function is convenient and well implemented.
  • Volume buttons can be operated with the folio cover closed
  • A cutout for the ear speaker in the folio cover enables closed cover calls.
  • Magnetic latch works perfectly to keep folio closed or hold folio cover folded against the back of the case.

What I don’t like:

  •  Only fits up to 2 cards.



    Design & Features

    This case has a real leather too and fits 4 slots for cards. It’s just the perfect wallet case for those of you who need to bring a lot of cards with the touch of real leather.

    What I like:

    • Refined metallic buttons
    • Made from handcrafted genuine leather
    • Four slots for your ID, cards, and cash

    What I don’t like:

    • No metal latch
    • You need to remove cards when wireless charge


    The Otterbox Strada has a magnetic latch, and drop protection, while the Casemate doesn't. Both are made with premium leather, and only the Casemate is made handcrafted.

    The Otterbox Strada is $15 less than the Casemate but you only get to bring up to two cards, but with the Casemate, you get to bring up to four cards, and get a metal latch, that's why it's more expensive.

    Casemate is more expensive due to the genuine handcrafted leather and a four separate card slots but unfortunately it has no metal latch, and drop protection. Above all,  bringing cash, cards, and phone is a total package you shouldn’t miss out! Get yours now.

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