Nowadays you're able to carry some cash and cards as well, and this is why a lot of people like the wallet phone case. Today we’re going to have a look at the Otterbox Strada Folio case and Speck Presidio Folio for iPhone XS. Now let’s find out what makes these cases different other than the $1 difference so now let’s explore the comparison below!



It's hard to find a genuine leather folio case that drops protective, but the OtterBox Strada completes both tasks with style. With a genuine leather exterior, a card slot which will hold up to two cards, and a media stand, the Strada delivers a lot of functionality. It also has a nice magnetic latch which does an excellent job of keeping the folio cover both open and closed.


  • OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection
  • Easy to get on and off your iPhone.
  • Port openings are generously sized.
  • Stand function is convenient and well implemented.
  • Very protective, with a high lip and covered buttons.
  • Premium genuine leather exterior gives this case a high end appearance.
  • Magnetic latch works perfectly to keep folio closed or hold folio cover folded against the back of the case.
  • Volume buttons can be operated with the folio cover closed, and a cutout for the ear speaker in the folio cover enables closed cover calls.


  • With only a single card slot (which can hold up to two cards), this will not replace a wallet for most people.


Looking for a stylish wallet case with protection? The new Speck Presidio Folio gives you 10 ft of drop protection with a secret front cover compartment that can hold three cards. It has a nice, reasonably grippy feel on the hand, and stand longer for media viewing.


  • 10 ft drop protection.
  • Compartment in front cover holds three cards.
  • Supports wireless charging.
  • Good media stand functionality.
  • High protective lip.
  • Excellent buttons.
  • Plenty of protection for protruding camera.
  • Material is very smudge and fingerprint resistant.
  • Pleasant hand feel.


  • Card storage adds significant thickness to the case.
  • No magnetic latch to hold the folio cover closed.


The Otterbox Strada has a magnetic latch, and the Speck doesn't. Otterbox Strada is made of genuine leather, but Speck Presidio is made by PU Leather or artificial leather. Speck Presidio is great for watching movies with your phone since it stands longer than Otterbox Strada Folio.

If you need to bring only one card go for Otterbox Strada Folio. But if you need to bring a lot of cards with you then get the Speck Presidio Folio. Both are a friendly case for screen protectors, and the case fits perfectly without creating a gap between screen. The volume buttons for both cases are soft to press too.

Now, it comes back to your needs; whether you need a lot of cards to fit in the case or a case made from real leather, both have folio covers to protect the screen protector. I prefer the Speck Presidio because it’s more versatile. Even if it’s not from premium leather, it fits up to 3 cards inside and stands longer for media viewing. So, if you love watching videos with your phone, I suggest the Speck Presidio which will stand longer and can fit up to three cards.

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