Otterbox Strada Leather Folio Case Review

otterbox strada leather folio case for galaxy s9

Leather responds well to daily wear and tear. It’s, in fact, one of the most durable material to use for years or decades. So, if you’re confused which one to choose between man-made ( faux fur ) or natural leather ( premium leather ), consider the premium leather as it can be twice or even three times as long.

Imagine having an authentic premium leather with certified protection on your phone case. Premium leather will not only look great with the colour and patterns, but it will age well too.

Design & Features

otterbox strada leather folio case for galaxy s9 review

The case features Otterbox’s one-piece design. The bumper case is crafted from stiff polycarbonate, energy-absorbing polymers to combine premium material with certified drop protection with a high lip and covered buttons. You can access the button from outside while the case is closed. The cover for the button has precise design and soft to touch. The best feature I love from this case is the hole at the front cover. This makes it easier for me to take calls even when the case is closed.

The magnetic latch is one of the more considerate I've seen on such a case. It’s useful as it can seal the case tightly, and it will also seal when you fold the front cover to the back. This is because it has the same attraction to the back portion of the case, keeping it from flopping around. One more thing about the magnetic latch is that you can slip in the pocket while the case is opened. Another useful thing is the slot for the cards, it can carry two cards but there’s no room for bringing cash with me with this case.

The Good

  • Easy to clean
  • Flexible thick bumper case
  • Protected with Certified Otterbox Protection
  • Magnetic latch is safe for those of you with kids
  • Ports are deep, this is to make sure dust doesn’t get in easily
  • Volume buttons can be operated with the folio cover closed
  • Cutout for the ear speaker in the folio cover enables you to call when the case is closed
  • Magnetic latch works perfectly to keep folio closed from the front and when folding it to the back
  • You will love the uniqueness of the changes of pattern and colours in time
  • Magnetic latch makes the case slip easily through the pocket even if the case is opened

The Bad

otterbox strada leather folio case for galaxy s9 review

  • Can’t use it as a media stand
  • Limited space for cards and cash
  • Cover for the button is a bit hard to press
  • If you spill water, it will absorb and will take a long time to dry and will give a bad scent
  • It will scratch easily and change its colour just like other leather products
  • The glue doesn’t stick very well between the front cover and bumper case

Otterbox Drop Protection

Every case with certified drop logo in Otterbox cases has rigorous testing performed to ensure each case is dependable and durable when needed most. The test include:
  • Drop Test
  • Abrasion Test
  • Proximity Sensor Test
  • Fingerprint Sensor Test
  • NFC Connectivity Test
  • Insertion Removal Test
  • Button Compatibility Test
  • Port Compatibility Test
  • Fit Test
  • Call Audio Test
  • Voice Command Recognition Test
  • Loudspeaker Test
  • Touchscreen Compatibility Test
  • Switch Compatibility Test
  • Purse Test
  • Cavi Wipe Test
  • Purell® Wipe Test
  • Rubbing Alcohol Test
  • Cross-Cut Adhesion Test
  • Sweat Test
  • Thermal Shock Test
  • UV Test
  • Holster Test
  • Camera Test
  • High Temp & Humidity Test
  • Cold Storage Test
  • Hand Lotion Resistance Test
  • Makeup Resistance Test
  • Jeans Pocket Test
  • Ambient Light Sensor Test

Water Test

otterbox strada leather folio case for galaxy s9 review

Unlike man-made leather (faux fur), you can easily wipe off any liquid but not with premium leather. As you can see in the above picture, the water absorbs in the case which will take a long time to dry, and also will smell.


The Otterbox Strada Folio case is impressively designed, thick but flexible case that holds the iPhone firmly in place, and high-quality leather on the outside. The important thing for me is that I still can use my phone with the case even one-handed, and I also can take a call while the cover closes as there’s a hole for the speaker at the top of the case.

The magnetic latch seals the case tightly, and it will also seal when you fold the front cover to the back. This is because it has the same attraction to the back portion of the case, keeping it from flopping around.

If you hate cases that scratches and change its colour easily then this case is not the one for you as this is a premium leather which ages in time. I’m a bit not happy with the slots for the card which is limited to only two cards and no other slots for cash, and also the weak glue between the front cover and bumper case.

Overall, I can say this A$59.95 leather case is worth the price because it's so practical, I can use it to store my cards, take a call when the cover is closed, and the magnetic latch seals tightly in front and back.

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