otterbox strada leather folio case vs tech21 evo wallet card folio case for galaxy s10

A phone as classy as the Galaxy S10 deserves a great looking case with protection as well. No matter how careful you are with your brand new smartphone, having some protection is definitely a great idea, especially considering the phone is pretty expensive. I recommend you to have a look at the Otterbox and Tech21 wallet case. These cases $5 have difference but which one is the best? 

Otterbox Strada Leather Folio Case

otterbox strada leather folio case review

The most thing I like about this wallet case from Otterbox is that it’s not only made from premium leather but it’s also protected with Otterbox Certified Protection. If you’re looking to add a touch of class with protection, the Otterbox Strada series case is definitely the case you should have. The case is made out of authentic premium leather which means it will not only look great, but it will age well too.

The case features Otterbox’s one-piece design, crafted from stiff polycarbonate, energy-absorbing polymers to combine premium material with drop protection with a high lip and covered buttons. The folio cover also closes right away with a magnetic metal latch, guarding your device's screen against scratches and bumps. When you fold it back, it also reveals a vertical slot for cash or a card. Moreover, you get a bonus feature where you can double up to convert it into a kickstand for watching movies.

Pros Cons
  • Volume buttons can be operated with the folio cover closed
  • A cutout for the ear speaker in the folio cover enables closed cover calls.
  • Magnetic latch works great to keep folio closed or hold folio cover folded against the back of the case.
  • The slots can only fit up to 2 cards
  • There are no screen protectors

Tech21 Evo Wallet Card Folio Case

tech21 evo wallet card folio case review

Have a look at this wallet case made of TPU material that is lined with Flex Shock impact absorbing material which is one of the hallmarks of Tech21. This wallet case will give you 3.6 metres of drop protection for your Galaxy S10 so that it’s really quite impressive. When you open it up, you might think that it's your standard folio style wallet case, but you would be surprised actually it has a couple of interesting features. The first one is that you have hidden card storage so that your cards are more secure and not rubbing up against your screen.

The other thing which is interesting about this case is that you can completely remove the folio cover replace this back panel with just a plain piece of black plastic and you have another case entirely so it's basically two cases in one. So if you're on the fence about wanting a folio case and you're not sure that you really want that folio cover there all the time you really might want to consider this case because you do have it the versatility to simply swap it into a one-piece case.

Pros Cons
  • You can remove the folio cover replace this back panel with just a plain piece of black plastic
  • There is a cover between the cards and the phone so that your cards are not rubbing up against your screen
  • The buttons are a bit hard to press
  • There are No screen protectors


Both cases have a magnetic latch. The reason why Otterbox is $5 more is that the premium leather on the Otterbox will age very well. The volume buttons on the Otterbox can be operated with the folio cover closed which is great as I don’t need to open the case so I just need to press the volume buttons without opening the case.

While the Tech21 is more versatile where you can change the case into a one-piece design case by removing the front cover, and there is a cover for your cards so it won’t rub up against your screen. I love wallet cases that has a lot of functions so I choose the Tech21.

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