Finding the best Christmas presents for men can be so stressful on the run-up to the big day, and you shouldn't wait until the last minute to do so make Christmas extra special with a gift that speaks from your heart, starting from your Dad, Uncle, Brother to your other half!

1. A great pair of wireless headphones.

The main feature lies in the battery unit while most headphones reach 20 hours but Marshall headphone can stay active for 30 hours just in one charging when used at medium volume levels, and the process of recharging the battery can be done at least once a week! So, life would be better with music in your ears with Major II Bluetooth and now that the wireless technology is beginning to improve and it’s time to get some wireless headphones mate!


2. A cute robot with a soul.

Meet Anki Vector, your first home robot. He’s able to recognise our face, play games, recharge himself, gives information like Siri and manipulate objects with articulating arms. He has body motions, and facial expressions developed with the help of former Pixar animators. Vector is worth it to have because he has emotions like humans, can respond to simple questions and can joke around, and that’s why Anki Vector can be a great buddy with attitude.


3. Premium Hand-made Wallet Case.

Dad has been giving you stuff since you were born. Isn’t it time you return the favor? Consider this wallet case from Casemate. It does feel like real leather as it’s made of premium leather and it’s handcrafted and fits four slots for cards and a built-in cash pocket. It’s everything you need in one place, a handcrafted premium leather wallet folio with a sophisticated look designed with multiple slots for cards and cash so you can grab your wallet folio and just go!


4. Waterproof Case to take a shot underwater.

If you know someone in your family that loves to surf, swim, or go fishing, they surely don’t want to miss out on the precious moments under water so you want to make sure that they safeguard it with a waterproof case because did you know that Apple warns that seals against water resistance phones can weaken over time? The two-piece design has a built-in screen protector to guard against scratches to the brilliant display and seals the device from water, down to 6.6 feet (2 meters) deep, for up to an hour. Your brother or Dad will surely love this! 


5. True wireless earbuds from Sol Republic.

True wireless freedom feature means you’ll listen freely without cables. The earbuds charge more than 15 times when stored inside with capacity 2200 mAh battery, and doubles as a battery backup for your phone up to 3 hours play time. The earbud headphone is small, lightweight, and the ultralight and ergonomic silicone are designed to sit comfortably in your ears for hours.



Christmas is the best time of the year. The food, tree, and oh yeah, the presents! These are the types of gifts that will make your Dad, brother, Grandpa and Uncle a memorable Christmas, and create that morning moment you’re looking for. The gifts above will be the best gifts you can put under the tree this year for them. Grab it fast!

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