Have you ever experienced lost a bunch of deals because you didn’t hang up the phone? Whether you forgot where the place you put it, or you are on driving, so it’s impossible you've got that call? Pretty bad, isn’t it?

Or the worst scenario, your kids are coming home early from school, but you didn’t know it because you are too busy preparing for a lunch in the kitchen. A lot of missed call are on your phone, but you didn’t notice. Your kids coming home walks alone, and... Sorry, I can’t even continue this narrative and can’t imagine what would happens to your kids.

So, Bluetooth Headset matters! Forget those bad stories and never ever fall on that. You can always notice if there is a calls from the collegues, kids, your family, or anyone, even in your busy times. You can get the business deals, pick up your kids on time, notice what’s going on with your close friends or families, and so on, with Bluetooth Headset which stick on your ears. Even when you forgot where you put your phone, while driving, while do something you have to do, you will always know if there is a calls: an urgent calls.

Syntricate have various Plantronics Bluetooth Headset design offers for you. Let's check it out below:

1. Plantronics Explorer 50 (E50), Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Explorer 50 (E50), Bluetooth Headset

With earloop rotates to comfortably fit either ear, this Bluetooth Headset has up to 11 hours talk time, and 12 days stand by time batteries. So, you don't have to charge this wearable tech frequently. It only takes 120 minutes to full of charge, if your Bluetooth Headset batteries low. The weight of Plantronics Explorer 50 (E50) is only 10 gram, it's very light and you can't even feel anything on your ears. The best part of this Bluetooth headset is, you can connect to two smartphones and answer calls from either one. There is no missed calls list anymore!

The lines on the body of Plantronics Explorer 50 (E50) Bluetooth Headset really fit to a young dynamic person like you. Such a represent of freedom and a can do attitude while you wear it.

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2. Plantronics Explorer 80 (E80), Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Explorer 80 (E80), Bluetooth Headset

Cover with a classic black design, Plantronics Explorer 80 (E80) Bluetooth Headset can set up in three different language: English, French, and Spanish. You can hear “Power on”, “Pairing successful”, "Phone 1 connected", “Talk time (x) hours”, “Mute on”, "Answering call", “Recharge headset” alerts with language you choose before. The Deep Sleep mode would automatically activated If you leave your headset powered on but out of range of your paired phone for more than 90 minutes. This mode could do a power-saving maintains which save the batteries up to 6 months.

The simplicity of Plantronics Explorer 80 fits on Mom or Dad ears. If you love them and love to talk to them by phone, the idea to give this bluetooth headset is pretty sweet. Show your love and see your parents smiling is a beautiful feeling, ever.

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3. Plantronics Explorer 500 Mobile Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Explorer 500 Mobile Bluetooth Headset

Certified with HD Voice Clarity, this Bluetooth Headset come in two colors option: white and black. The Plantronics Explorer 500 also have a Voice control for Siri (iPhone), Google Now (Android), and Cortana (Windows Mobile). Packaged with USB strap loops closed with magnets, you can hang in it to your bag if you are not using this Bluetooth Headset. Plantronics Explorer 500 support Bluetooth v4.1 with A2DP for music, audio streaming, and phone calling.

As we mentioned above, you could choose between white or black color for Plantronics Explorer 500 Bluetooth Headset. Both of them is a neutral tone that you could match with any others colors of your dress. This type is fit to a young active mother, who don't want to miss to see their kids growing up.

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4. Plantronics Voyager 5200 Bluetooth Headset

 Plantronics Voyager 5200 Bluetooth Headset

Now anywhere is a great place to talk is a Plantronics Voyager 5200 tagline. You can connect to Siri, Google Now, or Cortana with simply press red 2-in-1 button on this Bluetooth Headset. Not stop there, the Plantronics Voyager 5200 features adaptive microphone and could detects wind directions, it would automatically reduce disruptive background noises and responds accordingly. Come along with docking stand charger case (sale separately) to add extra 14 hours power to your Bluetooth Headset. We need to talks with this Plantronics Voyager 5200!

Any young executive would love to wear this one. Don't let any opportunity miss with Plantronics Voyager 5200 Bluetooth Headset. This thing would lift up your charisma and style as well while you meet the clients.

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5. Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset

If you want to be a legend, you have take a look to Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset. Award winning for The Best Bluetooth Headset of the year 2012 by PC Magazine is one of a good proof. Features Smart sensor technology, this Plantronics Voyager Legends would reacts when you put the headset on automatically. It letting you quickly take a call without any single click. You can rely on this bluetooth headset to work as hard as you do, through rain, sweat and the inevitable coffee spill: it's splash water proof!

We know you are a busy person, and this Plantronics Voyager Legend will be your perfect personal assistant. You don't have to touch any button to answer the phone. This is a must have item for entrepreneurs and business man around the world.

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6. Plantronics Voyager Edge Mobile Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Voyager Edge Mobile Bluetooth Headset

Smart, Powerful, Inspired, are 3 words define Plantronics Voyager Edge. You can take a call by just say “Answer” or let the sensors automatically answer as you place the headset on your ear. Features NFC Pairing to boost your connectivity between your device and Plantronics Voyager Edge. It's only 9 gram lightweight, make you even not notice while you use this bluetooth headset on your ear. Legit isn't it?

Multitasking is your middle name, right? So, you can keep the works on while you plan the meeting on the phone. A high performance will always break the limit and play with smart, powerful, and inspired, just like Plantronics Voyager Edge.


Don't miss any moments anymore by any missed call from the collegues, kids, your husband, wife, or anyone. Get your Plantronics bluetooth headset and match it with your needs and personality on Syntricate

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