plantronics backbeat 505 wireless on ear headphones review

In a world that's becoming more mobile, we started to see less of wires in our usual gadgets, especially our everyday listening accessories. Some of you may prefer headphones which look cool while others prefer earphones which are easier to carry around.

I've always been more of a headphone person rather than an earphone person as I feel more comfortable and the listening experience for me has always been better. Here's another recommendation for a comfortable headphone that fits snugly on the head.

First impression

I'm impressed with the sporty look that the Plantronics Backbeat 505 Wireless On Ear Headphone offers. These on-ear headphones are not too big in size, and fit snugly on my head and aren't easily shifted when I walk.

Design & features

plantronics backbeat 505 wireless on ear headphones review

The ear cup uses soft foam when it comes in contact with the ear, and the entire body of the headphone is plastic. The buttons are easily accessible, although it takes a bit of time to get used to the switches and buttons, I think this is normal for most wireless headphones. The battery life is claimed to be up to 18 hours on a single charge, and so far, it's accurate. I don't see myself charging it every day. You can always utilize the 3.5mm input on the Plantronics Backbeat 505 Wireless On Ear Headphone if you're ever worried about low batteries.



The Plantronics Backbeat 505 Wireless On Ear Headphone feels comfortable to wear, and it's very light, making it feel like you don't have anything on your head. However, it's not convenient to wear for long hours as your ears will start to get warm and feel quite a bit of discomfort.Given the size of the headphone and mild clamping force, noise isolation isn't great.

The sound quality is okay. The bass is weak, and the treble often gets drowned by the lows. Connecting to the smartphone is also very easy and straightforward. Your smartphones will remember devices that have connected to it before so the next time, it will automatically connect upon powering on.

You can connect it to 2 devices simultaneously, so if you need it to be listening to the audio on one machine but still be kept on as a handsfree device for your smartphone at the same time, you'll have no problems. Using this as a handsfree device resulted in a perfect listening experience. In other words, it does its job well as a handsfree kit.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Battery life is great
  • Lightweight to carry around
  • Can connect to 2 devices simultaneously
  • Can't fold
  • Feels like plastic
  • Pricy than expected


I think the Plantronics BackBeat 505 wireless headphone is for those who want to buy the BackBeat Pro 2 but can't afford it. I think it's better to save up for a better headphone. So, that's all about my honest review. If you have any experience as I did, you can share here and let me know what you think.

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