plantronics backbeat sense headphone review

One of the things I have come to appreciate about the Plantronics Backbeat Sense Headphone is the slim and lightweight design. I am not into big, bulky headphones; I want my headphone to fade into whatever outfit I wear. And it is not just the lack of bulk that makes them fashionable—the leather accents makes it a dashing pair of cans!

First impression

plantronics backbeat sense headphone review

I am a music lover, and like my headphone to be light so I can be relaxed while listening to my favourite beat. The Plantronics Backbeat Sense Headphone looks light and feels light.



plantronics backbeat sense headphone review

It is hard to find a pair of headphones that agrees with your head and ear shape. The lightweight build combined with the cushion, leather ear cups makes it a great fit that is not hampered by long-term issues; I have been able to wear the headphone for long hours without discomfort.



I can say the Plantronics Backbeat Sense Headphone has great features. I could have streaming audio pauses as soon as I slip off the headphones and resumes playback when I put them on. I could also control two Bluetooth devices without even touching them. The headphone also pauses when a call rings in.


When I took the headphone for a spin, I noticed the clarity of their soundstage, which I have found to be a good fit for just about any genre of music. So I can say the Plantronics Backbeat Sense Headphone does not overemphasize the bass like many of their contemporaries, allowing for the mids and highs to sound appropriately. 

Stumbling on a comfortable pair that also sounds great is a rare opportunity. The volume knob gets to me sometimes but the sound is fantastic otherwise and I can wear them for long hours, and I'm not letting go of this headphone anytime soon.


I always have a rough relationship with headphones. They either make my head and ears feel lousy after a short amount of time or they do not clamp enough. The Plantronics Backbeat Sense Headphone, however,sits lightly on top of my head it is almost as if they are floating on my ears.

There is one downside that bothers me, which is the volume knob. It sits on the back of the ear cup loosely and feels like it jostles around whenever you take a step then it reverberates throughout the entire headphone, causing a knocking sound. The noise gets worse when I was walking.

The things I like:

  • Light and comfortable on the ears

The things I dislike:

  • Volume knob jostles around


In the world of headphones, comfort and style are almost as important as performance. Headphones are as much of a daily companion as our watches and handbags. They are so light and comfortable, and if it were not for the music, I would forget they were on. So, that's all about my honest review. If you have any experience as I did, you can share here and let me know what you think.

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