samsung dual wireless charging stand for samsung qi devices/watch review

Don’t want to miss the trend of recharging batteries wirelessly? The Samsung Dual Wireless Charging Stand allows users to charge 2 devices with the same speed on both sides. The charger makes use of two wireless chargers with the same speed on both portrait and landscape mode thanks to the multi-coil technology inside. So if you're streaming or texting, it's easy to keep going even as you charge. Let’s see if it’s worth getting.

Build Quality

samsung dual wireless charging stand for samsung qi devices/watch review australia

If you don't have a Samsung smartphone or smartwatch, the Samsung Dual Wireless Charging Stand can still be used for non-Samsung devices. It Comes with the Qi Wireless standard which means you can use it on other Android smartphones too. The design is also equipped with a cooling fan to keep the temperature cool when charging the battery. It's available in black and white.

How to use

The way to use this wireless charger is just like other wireless chargers. With the USB-C port being to the back and once the charger is powered, you can place the smartphone on either the stand or the pad. Once it charges the device, a red light will turn on next to the charging location to show that the device is charging, and the red LED light will turn off once the device is fully charged.

Should you buy it?

It's a great way to save a power outlet if you've got a phone and a watch with wireless charging capabilities. But, you're going to pay quite a bit for the privilege. This charger is A$149.95 currently, which is a lot for something that charges your phone. It's not a huge price leap from the Samsung Wireless Charging Duo Pad with Fast Charge 2.0 released earlier this year.

The Best Thing

The great thing about Samsung's chargers is that they always follow the global spec, which means it’s not only for Samsung but also for other devices. There are an air Vents and fans to avoid overheating when charging your device. Moreover, both pads have the same amount of watts of fast wireless charging, and you can text or watch a movie while it charges on the charging stand.

The Downside

It's useful to charge 2 devices at one time, and you can even use your phone while charging it vertically. But at A$149.95 , it's also quite expensive — more than double the cost of two separate chargers. I recommend to get it if you have a Galaxy phone and a Galaxy Watch. Otherwise, there are other better options.

Packaging Contents

  • Wireless Charger Duo
  • Wall Charger
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Compatible Models

FAST CHARGE compatible with Galaxy Note 9, S9, S9+, Note8, S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6 Edge+ / Qi compatible with Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and Qi-certified devices / Smart Watch Charging compatible with Gear S3, S Sport, Galaxy Watch.


You need to charge with the charger that comes with the wireless charger and not with the charger that comes with your phone. It will not charge these at full capacity.


The Samsung Dual Wireless Charging Stand can make use of wireless charging in a more useful manner, rather than have it be a single type of charging method. What I love the most is that you still get fast wireless charging on both sides of the pad and I still watch movies on my phone while it charges on portrait mode.

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