Samsung has launched the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ on March 16, 2018. With wider technical scope than previous devices, this Samsung Galaxy S9 with 256 GB is on sale at $1,199.000.

It offers you sufficient software features and so many options that you won’t find on any other devices which include AR Emoji Samsung Knox, dual aperture camera), and intelligent scan. You might need a little help on wading through it all so here are the best tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+  you should know to make your new  Galaxy S9 as useful as possible.

Enhanced touch sensitivity mode

enhanced touch sensivity mode samsung galaxy s9

This is an old one brought from the Samsung Galaxy S5. The  Galaxy S5 had a “Glove Mode” feature that can boost touch sensitivity and now the feature is back as a more general Touch sensitivity toggle.

These are the steps to increase Galaxy S9 touch sensitivity:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Galaxy S9 or S9+.

Step 2: Tap Advanced features.

Step 3: Tap Touch sensitivity

Customize the Edge Panel

menu interface samsung galaxy s9

The Edge Panel tool on the Samsung Galaxy S9 is on the screen all the time and you can also turn it off if you want but it’s more useful to turn it on. You can access it with a swipe on the translucent handle which starts on the right edge on the middle and move the handle by dragging up and down instead of inward.

If you want to make other changes,  open Settings > Display > Edge screen > Edge panels. You can change what content and change the order of the panels and you should pay attention to the App Panel because you can replace the apps you want to access quickly and apps that you use the most.


 Heart Load Factor


Samsung has collaborated with UCSF to share blood pressure information.

The first heart rate monitor was when Samsung introduced the Galaxy S5 and now the Galaxy S9 has a heart load factor that provides information about your blood pressure including your stress level. You can find this useful feature in the Samsung app folder > Samsung Health > HLF.


Dual Messenger

dual messenger samsung galaxy s9 and s9 plus

Some of you might have multiple accounts on WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Viber, Messenger, and snapchat then you will find the Dual Messenger feature in the Galaxy S9 very useful.

You can download the same app on your phone so that you can easily switch between your accounts. You can set it up by pressing Settings > Advanced features > Dual Messenger.

Dual Bluetooth

dual bluetooth samsung galaxy s9 and s9 plus

Another dual specification for  Galaxy S9 and S9+ is the dual bluetooth 5.0. Activating the  two bluetooth headsets in one time  makes it easier to listen and watch movies at  the same time. You can activate the dual bluetooth by pairing the two sets of headphones in the Bluetooth settings then just activate “ Dual Audio.”

Create Secure Folders

Secure folder samsung galaxy s9 and s9 plus


No need to worry if you have sensitive information to keep  because now you can save it in the Secure Folders. You can go to Settings > Lock screen and security > Secure Folder.

You are able to access the secure folder with a pattern or pin number . You can also open it with the fingerprint and iris scanner.

AR Emoji

AR emoji samsung galaxy s9 and s9+

One of the best Galaxy S9 and S9+ features is the AR Emoji. The feature allows you to create an avatar version of yourself and can be modify with different attributes such as hair color, glasses style and expressions. You can use this cool app by opening the camera app, open the fron-facing camera and press the AR emoji at the top. Take a photo and tap it through the options that pop up.

Conserve Your Battery

converse your battery galaxy s9 and s9 plus

The Device Maitenance features in the Galaxy S9 and S9+ is to prevent your battery from quickly draining optimize the life of the battery . The way to control the battery setting is by going to Settings > Device maintenance > Battery.

You can view the details of the battery usage by item in the battery usage section. The power saving mode allows you to extend battery life by selecting a power saving mode (OFF/MID/MAX). You can also see the estimated remaining battery life for each mode .

The Unmonitored apps allows you to choose apps to exclude from being put to sleep by the App power monitor. You also can configure the advanced battery settings by going to More Options > Advanced settings.

 Adjust Screen Resolution

adjust screen resolution galaxy s9 and s9 plus


The Samsung Galaxy S8 has 5.8-inch size 3K Quad HD+ OLED Infinity Display and resolution (2960 x 1440) which is the same as the Samsung Galaxy S9. The Galaxy S9 is more advanced to its predecessor for the brightness,accuracy,reflectivity and outdoor visibility.

In order to conserve the battery life, Samsung Galaxy S9 defaults to the lower 2220 x 1080 pixels (FHD+) resolution. If you always charge your phone then it’s better to reduce your screen resolution to HD+ at 1480 x 720 or change  your screen resolution to the higher WQHD+ at 2960 x 1440. You can do this by going to Settings > Display > Screen resolution.

Control The Screen Color Balance

control the screen color balance galaxy s9 and s9 plus mobile devices

The Samsung Galaxy S9 screen can be adjusted by controlling the screen modes. There are four screen modes which include AMOLED photo, AMOLED cinema, adaptive display and Basic. You can also change the temperature by adjusting the RGB spectrum and advanced options. You can find it under Settings > Display > Screen mode.

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