samsung qi fast charge 15w standing wireless charger stand review

Wireless charging pads are not a new thing for us for sure. With a lot of type of wireless charger pad, we might be confused about which wireless charging pad is best. 

The great thing about having the wireless charging pad is that they’re universal, most wireless charging pads work with all phones. And this is why I bought my Samsung QI Fast Charge 15W Standing Wireless Charger Stand.

First impression

Sure, my phone works just fine with the wired charger it comes with, but with the Samsung QI Fast Charge 15W Standing Wireless Charger Stand, I can charge my phone as simple as putting it on a stand.

It does work too when placing it on a landscape as there are not a lof chargers that can charge in a landscape mode unless they have dual coils on it.


Most wireless charges from Samsung from the past have been quite adaptable with converting it from standing to flat. But it has opted a more static option that stands in the upright position with an additional fan to keep my phone cool and improved charging time. 

The wireless charger comes with a 25-watt travel adapter and cable which is a bonus or you can use your existing phone charger cable with a USB main adapter.


The sturdy structure of the stand is suitable for larger phone users that need something strong enough to hold up a larger sized phone like my Samsung Galaxy S10.

It can be a bit restrictive in terms of constantly having your phone propped up, but fortunately, it also allows charging capabilities for both portrait and landscape modes. 

It’s perfect for a desk or nightstand. It’s a small change from previous wireless charger pads from Samsung, but one that makes keeping your phone juiced up an unconscious part of your life.

The fan cooling system is amazingly quiet even after running for a long period of time, so you don't have to worry about the noise disturbing your sleep overnight.

As mentioned on the side of the box, this wireless charger is compatible with qi wireless charging meaning that you can use pretty much any device that carries this feature. 

The things that I find amazing: The things that I find annoying:
  • Additional fan to keep my phone cool
  • A little restrictive on standing design


I think that the Samsung QI Fast Charge 15W Standing Wireless Charger Stand has a sturdy structure that stands in the upright position. I guess it’s alright since it can also charge on landscape mode. So, that’s all about my honest review. What's your thought on Samsung QI Fast Charge 15W Standing Wireless Charger Stand?

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