The idea of going totally wireless sounds enticing but there’s always a concern of the price tag. What if I tell you that you can get a decent pair of wireless earphones without breaking your bank account? No need to bring a big headphone with you anymore because with the Sol Republic Air Bud you’ll get an immersive wireless audio experience and what’s more is that it’s water and sweat resistant! So now let's take a closer look at the comfortable wireless earbud from Sol Republic below.


My first impression for the earbud was that it looks pretty simple and looks like sports earbuds without wires. They don’t look like anything too special, just the kind of wireless earbud headphones you’d see someone wearing as they ran down the street.

The first thing that they have on their list is true wireless freedom feature which means it’s free from cables or neck bands to move unrestricted whether you’re working, exercising or taking calls. So, I did use it with my iPhone 7 Plus, and it’s true that there were no wires between these earbuds.

The case is fairly minimalist, it’s a thick ovular box with a USB that you can charge your phone too which I think is awesome. The earbuds can charge more than 15 times when stored inside with capacity 2200 mAh battery, and doubles as a battery backup for your phone up to 3 hours play time.


The earbud headphone is compact and small in sizes. It’s also lightweight, I didn’t feel it much when I was wearing it because the ultralight and ergonomic silicone design engineered to sit comfortably in our ears for hours.

I ran miles with these earbuds, and it just stayed in my ear. This is because it’s designed with sweat resistant to reduce sweat build-up during a workout so yes the amps air is built as a wireless sports headphone and air grooves that grip the ear so they won’t fall out and allows airflow to reduce sweat build up.

It's also built-in microphones for calls. Multi-function button play/pauses your music, answer/hang up calls, and double tap for Siri and Google assist control. All these features are so useful to connect both between my phone and the two buds because you can listen to your favourite tunes, answering calls, and if you need help, just double tap for Siri and Google.


There's a lag of Bluetooth transmission, so these aren’t going to be good for watching video, but they’re just fine with music and decent sound if you can maintain a tight seal if you don’t get a tight seal you’ll lose a lot of basses and the sound comes across as thin and recessed.

I also find the music to be kind of harsh with the mids and the highs especially with female vocals or with cymbals. In general, my right ear was more comfortable than the left ear because the left ear felt so exhausted after some time. The battery life isn't great at three hours, but you do get a portable charging case.


I like the aesthetics all around the case. The colour and the size of the charging case has no sharp edges, so it does fit pretty good in my pocket. It's not a category-best wireless earbud for aesthetic, but at least the case is pretty cool.

Good sound is not enough because the water-resistant feature for water and sweats are one of the important features you need because you might use it one day for a workout or running in the park. Overall they’re best for the price for a wireless earbud, and I bought it for A$ 169.95 at Syntricate.


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