speck case-e kids tablet case for ipad 9.7-inch review

There’s a  way to make it easier for your child to hold on to a tablet  and keep them entertained in the backseat. The way is to invest in a case with flexible hooked arms. The Speck Case-E cases offer detachable arms to turn the tablet into a stand and wrap around car seats, so this way your kids can stay entertained in the backseat.

Additionally, the squishy exterior layer is BPA free to put parents minds at ease. You can also pick a case that matches your kid's favourite colour!

New features

speck case-e kids tablet case for ipad 9.7-inch review

Does anyone remember Speck's iGuy case for the iPad? Well, he's evolved into the Case-E which is a new iPad case. The case is made of sturdy, but soft material and bright colours. The new innovation of the Case-E cases is the pair of (detachable) flexible arms.

These arms can be used for either wrapping them around car seats for safe viewing or standing the iPad up. While there is also other grip assist products in the market out there, but GrabTab promises that it won’t disturb the wireless charging.

Safe for children

Speck always makes products that are designed with a balance of slim lines and military-grade protection. This iPad case has been lab-tested against extreme temperatures, cracks, chemicals and abrasions like all of Speck products. The drop protection covers 1.8 metres Drop-Protection with Speck’s Shock Barrier protection. There’s also an extra Defense for Children such as formaldehyde-free, PVC & BPA–free EVA.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Extra Defense for Children like formaldehyde-free, PVC & BPA–free EVA
  • Transforms into backseat automobile entertainment
  • Doesn’t come with built-in screen protector
  • May not prevent all damage to the device


If your kids keep dropping or throwing the tablet at home or in the car, you'll see this new iPad case with flexible hooked arms very useful because now they can't argue over who gets to use it, and they'll just have to watch the same show together.

The Case-E will be available for the last five generations of 9.7-inch iPad devices and in multiple colour options. One note to remember, the case may not prevent all damage, or it won’t survive a very high drop for the iPad as it has only 1.8 metres drop protection.

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