speck presidio grip impactium case review australia

I love using the Speck Presidio Grip Impactium Case because of the slim and grippy feel. Sure, the price tag is a little steeper than some of the other cases, but it’s worth it for a slim and grippy case.

First impression & Review

speck presidio grip impactium case review australia

This case introduced a new impact shock barrier, which is a rib cage around the perimeter inside the case. The Impactium Shock Barrier is to withstand a drop from 3 metres high and protects the phone against shock and impacts.

The best thing about this case is the feeling of the rubber ridges at the back. The back case is lined with raised rubber ridges on the left and right sides, with an empty space in the middle, making it easier to hold the case.

In terms of dust and debris protection the buttons are covered but there isn't any extra protection for the ports. I guess screen protection is decent as the edges of the case are quite high.


The Presidio grip case is lightweight and feels really good on the hand like a rubbery feeling. I can also bend it. The grip lines at the back of the case leave something for my fingers to grasp onto and they're also laid out aligned right where I rest my palm. It also helps during one-handed usage.

Although the rubber is only at the ridges but it’s symmetrically diagonal, so I feel like it provides better grip, especially at the top. The sad things are that the rubber ridges on the back of the case may start peeling over time, and during the drop-test, unfortunately, the 3 metres drop protection didn't work, and I can understand this as the case is so slim to withstand a 3 metre fall.

The plus The minus
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Buttons are easy to press
  • Straight-forward installation
  • The grip line gives a grippy feeling
  • Rubber wears out
  • The grip lines catch dirt and dust
  • No port covers to protect it from dirt and dust
  • The case is too thin and flexible for drop protection
  • The raised bezel is not high enough to protect the screen


Overall, the Speck Presidio Grip Impactium Case is very light and slim to hold. I love the feel of the rubber, but the rubber peels overtime. However, the Speck Presidio Grip Impactium Case a great option to consider if you want a thin case with excellent grip.

So, that’s all about my honest review on the Speck Presidio Grip Impactium Case. If you have any experience with this case, you can share here and let me know what you think.

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