speck presidio impactium folio case for galaxy s9 review

Is your heart set on getting the Speck Presidio Impactium Folio Case? Or is this wallet case the only case you find with impactium shock barrier? Well yes, this folio wallet case has 3 metres drop protection, and cover for the cards but how is it with water? Does it dry fast? Is it easy to slip in your pocket?

Design & Features

The first thing I see on this case is the Speck logo at the top which looks pretty cool. The material is fabric coated with wax, so it feels slick but not slippery on the hand.

The wax on the case makes it hard to slip it in the pocket, and not as fast as the fabric design case without wax. However, it’s easy to brush it when it’s dirty, and dries fast with water.

I like the pattern for the buttons to let you know where the button is, and this is great as you don’t need to open the case when pressing the buttons. The hole for the camera is not only for the camera, but you can put a finger to hold it.

During my experience, the slots fits two cards. Although it does fit three cards, but it was tough to put it in, and the flap for the card cover didn’t close properly.

Water test

Before After

From the picture above, you can see the case is easy to wipe off water or any liquid. There’s a good and bad thing from a coated wax case. First, if you spill your tea or coffee, it’s easy to wipe it off as it doesn’t absorb. The bad thing is that it’s not as soft as the fabric case, so it’s a bit hard to slip it in the pocket.

The raised bezel for the screen is too short and could damage the screen if you drop it. The ridges inside the case and a small rubber on the sides are there to withstand impacts until 3 metres. There’s also no magnetic closure to seal your case so the cover will look like it’s not fully sealed when you close it.

  • Cover for the buttons are soft
  • Nice touch, slick but not slippery
  • The rubber on the sides absorb impacts
  • Speck logo is located at the top which looks cool
  • Buttons are covered and easy to reach from outside
  • The hole on the camera cut-out can be a holder for your finger
  • Wax coating on the fabric so it won’t absorb water which will be easy to wipe off water
  • Top back cover is thin and fragile as it’s trying to hold the clip
  • No magnetic closure so it doesn’t stay sealed when you close it
  • Raised bezel for the screen is too short, so it’s not safe for the screen

IMPACTIUM™ Shock Barrier

Every Presidio case features IMPACTIUM™ Shock Barrier, which is an innovative shock-absorbent technology that provides ultimate protection to your phone without adding any unnecessary weight to the phone.

The IMPACTIUM™ Shock Barrier absorbs the shock when you drop your phone. The shock absorbing material and polycarbonate shell are molded together to form ridges on the internal perimeter of the case.


I’ve been using the case for a week now and found out that it’s grippy on the hand although it’s all covered with wax. The wax coating also makes it easy to wipe off any liquid but a bit hard to slip in my pocket.

The ridges inside the case and the rubber on the sides are there to withstand drops up to 3 metres but the raised bezel is too short so becareful not to drop it straight facing the screen.

The cover for the buttons are so soft, and it’s nice to have a pattern to show where the button is. In fact, I never had a case with such nice cover buttons as the Speck. It’s not only soft to press the button cover, but it’s also detailed. I love it when you can touch the buttons from outside on the Speck’s case, so there’s no need to open the case.  

You can place it horizontally and watch movies, and the stand for media viewing is pretty sturdy. One more thing, if you’re curious about the price, the Speck Presidio Impactium Folio Case For Galaxy S9 costs A$54.95.

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