Speck Presidio Sport Impactium Case Review

speck presidio sport impactium case for iphone xs/x review

Do you know the truth about phone cases? Sure your phone looks clean in the case, but the truth is that your phone is filthy and may cause health issues. Moreover, if you see it with a microscope, you’ll see all those tiny bacteria running around your case. 

The reality is, the material on our phones have no antibacterial properties —making them conducive to bacterial growth. This is where the Speck Presidio Sport Impactium Case comes to stop the bacteria from growing on your phone and case at the same time!

Speck Presidio Sport

speck presidio sport impactium case for iphone xs/x review

Design & Features

This is one of the nice cases because not only does it look sporty, it feels grippy to hold and has a really soft texture on the back. This case does feel like a sporty case. The case has a silky touch, and the back of the case is perfectly flat. It doesn’t feel too slippery so you can travel with confidence using a no-slip grip case that prevents your phone from sliding in your hand. The ports are all covered, withstand from harsh impact, and long falls up to 3.6 metres drop. The tactility of the button is also perfect, and I can press it easily.

360-degree protection

I’m a really spotless person, and this is the right case for me. The Microban Antimicrobial Technology protects your case and phone against the growth of bacteria. The impact shock barrier has extra padding to provide shock dispersion. It can save your screen since the corners are one of the weak spots in case you drop it.

Easy Installation

The flex corners in Speck design makes it easy to install the case. The first thing to do is place it on the left side of the phone so that the mute switch and volume keys tuck under the edge of the case, then press down on the right corners of the phone.

The plus

The case feels grippy on the hand. The ports are all closed, so this really gives me a piece of mind. It’s not only germ-free but on the inside of the case has impact shock barrier to withstand 3.6 metres drop.

The minus

One of the downsides that I find is with the ports. It doesn’t lay flat when I open it with a cable and the lab-tested durability probably means that Speck cases are tested in their lab other than real 3.6 metres drop test on concrete.


One of the things I love about Speck’s products is the soft touch at the back. Although the case has a silky touch and the back of the case is perfectly flat, but it still feels grippy on the hand. The case has all the features I need and the most important features is the anti-microbial technology. So, if you’re a clean person, worry about germs, and love the touch of grippy cases, get the Speck Presidio Sport Case.

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