speck presidio sport impactium case review australia

Today I’ll be reviewing the Speck Presidio Sport Impactium Case. This is one of the best dove cases with drop protection because of the full rubber on the case. The rubber protects it from high drops plus with the ridges in the case protects it from shocks and absorb the shocks.


First impression & Review

speck presidio sport impactium case review australia

My first impression with this case is that one day the dove finish will disappear because dove finish mixed with plastic coating tends to fade, but this is different, this case is combined with rubber coating, which will last longer than the dove finish case mixed with plastic.

The design of the case does really impress me. It’s a minimalistic design that looks elegant and expensive. The rubber feeling is so soft but very sturdy, you can’t bend it. Moreover, if you’re a clean person, worry about germs, this case is covered with antimicrobial technology. The microban antimicrobial product protection inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes stains and odours.

The back cover is slippery on my hand but not slippery on the table. You’ll also see a gap between the bumper case and the dove and rubber coating. Unfortunately, the switch button at the side is tough to press but the volume and bixby button is fine.

The dove finish coating makes it nice to look at also because there are no smudges on the case and doesn’t reflect any light. The dove finish design mix with rubber gives it an anti-slip feature, and it does prove it. It’s not slippery on the table but slippery on the hand.

When you look inside the case, you can see that it’s made of 2 layer case and see ridges in the case. The ridges is the impactium shock barrier which can absorb and disperse shocks so when you drop it accidentally, it can cover 3 metres of drop protection.

In addition, the raised bezel is pretty high, so it will definitely protect your screen if you drop it facing the screen first. Having said that, you can see a gap between the screen and the surface when the phone is facing down. This is great as you still see the lights on the screen in case your phone is facing down on the table.


speck presidio sport impactium case review australia

I was pessimistic at first when I start using the case as most case with dove finish tend to slip easily on the table but this case is different. The reason is the dove finish is mixed with rubber, and I mean a lot of rubber. The rubber makes it not slippery on the table but slippery on my hand.

In fact, this is the best dove finish case with also the best drop protection I’ve used in my life and if I have to choose between other famous cases on the market, I’m not going anywhere, I’ll still stay with this case. The case is great for hardcore activities at the beach or at the gym as the cover seals tightly, and doesn’t slip easily when I place it on a sloping surface.

As I’ve said before, this case is also the best case for drop protection because I drop it a lot of time on the floor and I thought it’ll crack my screen or damage my phone but it turns out to be just fine. The ridges for impactium shock barrier  in the case really does work. There were no cracks, and the perfomance of my phone is perfect.

Unlike other cases with dove finish with plastic coating, this dove finish case is covered with a lot of rubber which makes it very grippy on the table but a bit slippery on my hand. Another advantage of dove finish with rubber is it doesn’t scratch easily. I scratch it a lot of times with my keys but there are no scratches. This is because it’s mixed with a lot of rubber. It won’t work with dove finish mix with plastic.

The cover for the port is for someone that does not mind of opening and closing the port everytime you want to charge. Not for me, it’s so annoying for me to have to open and close the port everytime I need to charge. What makes it worse is the cover is so hard to open if you, it takes me two times to have to try to open it until I successfully open the cover.

You really need a long nail to be able to open the cover because it’s really hard to open, and once more, if you hate to open and close the cover plus it’s extremely  hard too then it’s not the case for you because trust me, the cover is very hard to open. Unfortunately, the switch button at the side is also hard to press but the volume and bixby is pretty fine not too hard and too soft.


In terms of sound with this case on is not great at all. I still can hear the ringtone the but not the notifications. I was curious why I can’t hear my notifications and I found out that the rubber is so extreme covering inside of the little holes. So, when you have a look closely at the holes, you’ll see the rubber is covering the little holes inside which looks so deep, and blocks the sound. One more thing, don’t ever use an i-ring on this dove finish case as it can ruin the dove finish coating.


I have no problem installing and removing the case. The flex corners in Speck design makes it easy to install and remove the case. The first thing to do is place it on the left side of the phone so that the mute switch and volume keys tuck under the edge of the case, then press down on the right corners of the phone.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Scratch resistant
  • Slips easily in my pocket
  • The best drop proof case ever
  • Port cover to protect from dust
  • Impactium shock barrier to absorb shocks
  • The anti-slip features really work on the table
  • High raised bezel and a gap between the screen and surface when facing down
  • Minimalistic design with Speck logo at the top makes it look expensive and nice to see
  • Slippery on the hand
  • The dove finish on the case makes it not friendly for i-rings
  • Very thick rubber inside the holes blocks notification sound
  • The switch button is hard to press, but the rest of the buttons are fine ( Bixby and volume buttons )


I’ll give it 9 out of 10 for this elegant looking case. The design doesn’t only look cool with the Speck logo on it, but the Speck Presidio Sport Case gives all the requirement I need. The port cover, two-piece case, anti-slip features, impactium shock barrier for drop protection, and the plus is the design.

The design of the case is so minimalistic, with speck logo outside the case makes it look expensive. The only thing that bothers me is the small notification sound. The rubber is fine outside, which makes it grippy on the table, but I think the rubber is too extreme on the inside.

It’s only grippy on flat surface, or sloping surface but not on the hand. I’ll say this case is for those of you who don’t mind opening and closing the flaps every day to charge and remember to not use an iring on this dove finish case as it can ruin the dove finish coating.

Overall, It’s useful for hardcore activities such as at the gym or at the beach. The Speck Presidio Sport case is for those of you who don’t mind with opening and closing the flaps every day to charge as the cover is hard to open, and you really need a long nail to be able to open it.

So, that’s all about my honest review on the Speck Presidio Sport Impactium Case. If you have any experience with this case, you can share here and let me know what you think.


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