My most needed quality in a case for my iPhone XS is the touch of it, and the grippiest case I've tried is the Speck Presidio Grip.  It's by far, the grippiest case out of the box I've ever tried, but there’s also the Speck Presidio Sport that’s similar to the Speck Presidio Grip since it’s also grippy to hold and packed with impact shock barrier.  Let’s see why there's a $5 difference between the Speck Presidio Sport and Speck Presidio grip below.

What is meant by IMPACTIUM™ Shock Barrier?

The IMPACTIUM™ Shock Barrier is a band of ridges that cover the entire perimeter of Presidio cases. The advantage is that it disperses shock and reduces the impact on the phone. Speck cases are independently lab-tested for multiple real-life situations, including extreme drops and temperatures, chemicals, antenna interference, cracks and abrasions, device bending, and more.

Speck Presidio Sport

Design & Features

For the outdoor adventurer—or the very clumsy—you need a suit of armour for your phone. The Speck Presidio Sport case shield devices from harsh impact, and long falls up to 12 foot drop. Moreover, the ports are all covered from dust. There’s more features, so I’m just going to lay them down here:

  • The back of the case is perfectly flat counteracting the normally protruding camera lens.
  • The tactility of the button is perfect. I can press it easily and know I’ve pressed. The rotary switch on the side is a solution for a case that would otherwise have a deep finger hole recess for accessing the switch.
  • The Hand feels to the case has a silky touch without being too tacky or slippery.
  • The screen protection for the iPhone screen is recessed perfectly into the case.

360-degree protection

If you’re a clean person like me that hates germs, then this case is just the right case for you because it’s made with a 360-degree protection and a Microban Antimicrobial Technology which protects your case against the growth of bacteria. It’s not only germ-free but on the inside of the case has impact shock barrier. This extra padding provides shock dispersion that can save a screen because the corners are a screens weak spot when dropped.

Easy Installation

Installing the case is pretty straightforward thanks to the flex corners in Speck’s design. First with the left side of the phone so that the mute switch and volume keys tuck under the edge of the case, then press down on the right corners of the phone until fully seated.

What needs to be improved

It’s a bit annoying when I open the ports with a connected cable because the case doesn’t lay flat, and not as grippy as the Speck Presidio Grip.  The Lab-tested durability probably means that Speck cases are tested in their lab other than the advertised 12 ft drop test.


Speck Presidio Grip

Design & Features

The Speck Presidio Grip is the grippiest case on my hand and easily slips in and out of my pocket too.  Not all Presidio cases have the Grip model, but most of them feel smooth and grippy to hold but not as grippy as the Speck Presidio Grip case. I highly recommend removing the case once in a while to clean out the inside case because the dust and dirt can work its way into the case as it has no port covers. If you’re looking for a thin, grippy case with extra padding that provides shock dispersion for protection, the Speck Presidio Grip Impactium Case is the one, and there’s also more features to see here:

  • 10-foot drop-protection with IMPACTIUM shock barrier - Dropped from 10 feet multiple times by independent labs to ensure superior protection.
  • Two tough and durable layers of protection - A polycarbonate outer shell and an inner IMPACTIUM lining are molded together to give you two layers of protection in a slim, one-piece case.
  • Raised bezel screen protection -Gives phone screen extra protection from scratching and shattering if your phone falls and lands face-down.
  • Protective non-slip grip - Angled raised rubber ridges on the back to provide a secure no-slip grip and help prevent phone from sliding off surfaces.
  • Allows for wireless charging - Designed to allow for Qi wireless charging.

What needs to be improved:

  • Lab-tested durability: I think this means that Speck cases are tested in their lab other than the advertised 10 ft drop test.
  • Installation: Installing and uninstalling this case can be a bit sturdy.


Both cases are designed for impact shock, but the grippiest case goes to the Speck Presidio Grip. However,  the Speck Presidio Sport does an excellent job at keeping dust away because of its closed charging and headset ports. Moreover, if you’re worried about germs on  your case, the Anti-microbial treatment can inhibit the growth of bacteria on the case.

Spend $5 more if you like your ports covered, a 12 foot drop-protection and  worried about germs then definitely get Speck Presidio Sport, and if you want something that’s really grippy to hold, but without charging ports and a higher raised bezel to protect your screen then get the Presidio Grip. However, I still don’t believe that it’s drop-tested because it says on the box that it’s Lab-tested durability-this means Speck cases are tested in their lab other than the advertised drop test right?

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