So you’ve bought Apple’s most beautiful phone, and you want to keep it that way right? There’s no need to hide it in a dark bulky case anymore where you can’t see the elegance of your new iPhone XS. The Speck Presidio Stay Clear and Tech 21 Pure Clear have the same price, same clear design, and both have one piece installation but what makes it different? Let’s check out my comparison from my own experience having both cases, and hopefully will help you choose the best clear case!


 I really like protective case that doesn't take away the beauty of my iPhone XS, so first I bought the Speck Presidio Stay Clear case. First impression was that I’m definitely loving the feel of it on my hands  , and sturdy too since it contains a strong polycarbonate outer shell. 

It’s a basic clear case but it’s a more premium type of material so it will give you a lot of protection. The case has been dropped from 8 feet multiple times by independent labs to ensure superior protection. What’s more is that it contains impactium clear shock barrier in the case to absorb and disperse shock in case  you drop your phone some day.

I’m a fan of clear cases, and actually my case was always clear but something always worries me about clear cases because it will eventually turn yellow one day but thanks to the high-tech coating resists UV rays, oils, and other substances in this clear case to help prevent discoloration so that it will stay clear longer.

The raised bezel screen protection is also there to prevent it from scratches and drops. The case is covered with a ascratch-resistant finish that will keep your case look new longer. The only thing that I hate is that the ports are not covered, and the sides are a little bit frosted so you can’t really see the colour of your phone on the sides.



If you have a new iPhone XS, you might be thinking about how you can show it off while still remaining  highly protected. So look at this clear case with the highest drop protection from Tech21 Pure Clear BulletShield case. The reason I bought this case is the fact that the drop protection is 10 feet (3 metres) which is more than the Speck Presidio.

From the title, what came up on my mind when I bought this case is that it’s bulletproof, well, the case contains bulletShield material which is a high-performing impact material covering the case, but keep in mind that it doesn’t mean it’s bulletproof from shot gun.

This clear case also have the UV yellowing materials that will resist yellowing on the case but it doesn’t mean it’s not going to be yellow but it will probably yellow less or more slowly than other clear cases.

The difference from the the Speck Presidio is the fact that it’s thinner. It’s also tested to work perfectly with wireless connectivity too. The only problem with this case is  probably the loose sides on the buttons and charging ports.


Both cases have their own advantages. The  Speck Presidio case has an  impactium clear shock barrier in the case to absorb and disperse shock, and the Tech 21 Pure Clear case has a bullet-shield material which is a high performing  material covering the case. Both cases also have the UV-yellowing resistant.

The disadvantages of both cases is that both have no port covers but both stay longer than other clear cases since they have UV yellowing resistant . If you’re looking for the top high drop protection with 10 feet drop protection with a clear case then get the Tech 21 Pure Clear case.

My overall impression for these clear cases is that drop protection doesn’t occur only in dark and bulky cases but you can also have it on clear cases and have it highly protected and sometimes you just gotta let the colour of your phone shine! Choose your clear case now.

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