speck presidio ultra rugged case & otterbox defender screenless rugged case comparison

Picking out the best iPhone rugged cases with a belt clip would be a great option to prevent any chance breaking your device. Whether you’re looking for a belt clip case or trying to compare it between the Speck Presidio Ultra Rugged Case & Otterbox Defender for iPhone XS/X, we’ll help you find the difference between these two cases other than the $10 more on the Otterbox Defender.

Speck Presidio Ultra Rugged 

speck presidio ultra rugged

The Speck Presidio has four tough and durable layers providing ultra protection. This case has two layers of impactium rubber and two layers of polycarbonate for extreme drop protection. The raised bezel screen protection will give your screen phone extra protection from scratching and shattering. The bumper has a no-slip grip so it won’t slip off your hand easily, works with most screen protectors, and is easy to remove. The case comes with a holster that you can turn 360-degree rotation for a belt clip, and a phone stand to watch movies easier.

Pros Cons
  • Speck Presidio is 16% slimmer than the leading rugged case.
  • The case comes with a holster for a belt clip, and a phone stand.
  • There’s a little gap near the volume button and the charging port.
  • The case isn’t waterproof and doesn’t come with screen protector.

Otterbox Defender Screenless Rugged Case

otterbox defender screenless rugged case

The polycarbonate shell and synthetic rubber slipcover, and three layers of protection on the Otterbox Defender minimize the chance for accidental drops. The port covers blocks dirt, dust and lint from getting into jacks and ports. Taking pictures is also perfect when using this case since it has no degradation in photo quality. There's an opening on the back for the dual cameras with a glossy black plastic area around the camera. The front is raised above the display, so there are a few millimeter gaps when you set your phone face down on a table to protect the screen.

The hard plastic frame is easy to snap your iPhone in and out of with a belt clip that opens about half an inch to attach to your belt. The belt clip rotates around 360 degrees in increments of 30 degrees to fit your situation perfectly. The holster can be used as a hands-free kickstand to watch any movies on your iPhone. Just rotate the belt clip until the two holster corners are on the bottom then press on the top of the belt clip until it snaps open and locks into the top of the belt clip.

Pros Cons
  • The rubbercase, frame and holster are strong. It’s the strongest from any other rugged case.
  • Otterbox Defender is undoubtedly the grippiest rugged case in the market
  • The Defender feels bulky.
  • It isn’t waterproof and doesn’t come with screen protector.
  • The wireless charging didn’t work because of its bulkiness. You need to remove the rubber case to make it work.


Though the Speck Presidio has four layers of protection, the premium materials from the Otterbox Defender is at a higher level. The Otterbox Defender is way stronger than the Speck Presidio because the Otterbox Defender feels tougher and heavier with all that three layers of protection. Both cases have the Port cover so it’s able to block dirt, dust, and lint from getting into jacks and ports. Both also have holsters that can turn 360° for attaching it to a belt and for media viewing.

The minus part from Defender is that it doesn’t have a screen protector, bulky and it’s not waterproof while the Speck Presidio is slimmer and lighter but also with no screen protector and not waterproof. I choose the Speck Presidio because it’s thinner and got all the features from a Defender even if it's not as rugged as the Otterbox Defender. The difference is that the Speck Presidio is thinner and lighter while the Defender is thicker and heavier, but the plus is Defender is grippier and more rugged. The most protective case is the Otterbox Defender.

So, now we understand why the Oterbox Defender costs $10 more because it's more heavier and has a high quality material. If you’re looking for a durable and grippier case, you can get for the Otterbox Defender, but if you’re looking for a slimmer case with all the features of an Otterbox Defender, the Speck Presidio is the one.

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