comparison of sphero ollie & sphero darkside ollie robot

Recently Sphero released a darker, broodier version of Ollie, named Darkside Ollie. This time it’s all black in colour with a super tough design. Today I’ll be comparing the new Ollie Darkside which is A$30 more than the standard Ollie. So, what makes the difference with the A$ 30 than the previous one? Let’s check out below!

The Difference

the difference of standard ollie and darkside ollie robot

We can see an obvious difference with the colours between both Ollie. The new Darkside Ollie is all black, and the standard Ollie is blue and white. The Darkside got the preset standard red LED theme and white LED theme on the Ollie standard device. However, you can change the LED colours to thirteen point eight million different colours in both devices.

They are both exactly the same in regards to hardware, but the new one is with the solid Darkside edition. The Darkside edition comes with extra accessories that you don’t get in the standard Ollie. It’s a good thing because you don’t need to spend extra money on the accessories.

The knobby tires on the Ollie standard edition have a lot of bubbles on it to help it get more grip on grass and carpet. While the Darkside has a slick looking tire, they work better for certain environments, and you get different handling for each sort of accessory.

Lastly, there are some really cool things within the app that you don’t get with the standard edition that you do get with the Darkside. If you leave the Darkside unattended and connected to the app, it will go mad on its own. It will start driving around in circles and doing flips which I think is really cool as it can get disobedient.

standard ollie vs darkside ollie robot

What's new with Darkside edition:

  • Colour:   Make Darkside your own by customizing the glowing LED color or pick a flashing LED color pattern.
  • Demo Mode:Darkside gives you a short demonstration of its Drifting:  Drift Mode has been rebuilt and refined to give you even more control when you’re out of control.
  • Video:Check out featured videos and videos from other Darkside and Ollie owners then make better ones.
  • Idle Animations:After a period of inactivity, Darkside gets a mind of its own.


The Darkside is a bit pricey. Beyond the tricks and spins, Darkside Ollie can get boring if you don’t go the customization route and if you leave it idle for too long, it may get a mind of its own which some people consider scary.

The potential downside of both Ollie is that you have to give kids a smartphone or tablet to control it, so best put your mobile phone in a bulletproof case.


The regular Ollie costs A$159.95 while the Darkside special edition is A$199.95. Although the Darkside is A$30 more than the standard Ollie, you might save money by buying the Darkside edition with the accessories you get with it because if you buy the standard edition you would have to buy them separately and it will probably cost you more in the end.

If you’re a hardcore fan of Ollie, you should get the Darkside edition even if you just like the look of it because it’s not that much more which is A$30 than the standard version and you get a bonus accessory with it. Moreover, the Darkside is much easier to control, the ability to do many tricks adds the fun, and can have a mind of its own when idle which I think is pretty creepy but cool at the same time.


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