Sphero SPRK+ Edition Power Pack Review

The Sphero SPRK+ educator pack just got even better with the Sphero SPRK+ Edition Power Pack which allows you to take the power of Sphero anywhere you go, and ready for the day's challenges. It's the easiest way to get started with Sphero in a group setting and contains everything you need to explore the fun of robotics, coding, and technology!

What’s in the power pack?

box information of Sphero SPRK+ Edition Power Pack

  • 12 Sphero SPRK+ robots
  • Charging Case and Power Adapter
  • 12 Maze tape and protractors
  • Classroom posters and stickers
  • 12 Clear Turbo Covers
  • Quick start guide 
  • Free Lightning Lab app on iOS, Android and Kindle

What is the Maze Tape and protractor in the SPRK+ packaging?

Maze Tape and protractor in the SPRK+

These are the tools you’ll use to build mazes that SPRK+ can navigate with your help. First layout a maze on the floor using the metric Maze Tape to measure distances then use the Protractors.

Robot Tech Specs: Case Tech Specs:
  • Bluetooth Smart (30-metre range)
  • Goes over 2m/s
  • Built-in LED glow
  • Inductive charging with over 1 hour of play on a full charge
  • App and firmware updates that introduce new features
  • Super durable UV coated polycarbonate shell
  • Weighs 11.8kg
  • Integrated charging and fan cooling systems
  • Retractable handle and roller wheels for easy transport
  • FAA carry-on compliant
  • Lockable with dual lock ports
  • Storage space for included accessories and power adaptor
  • Product dimensions measuring 37.6cm x 56.4cm x 22.6cm


Pros: Cons:
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent coding app
  • Easy to set up and program
  • Robust scratch-proof, waterproof design
  • Three hours of charging buys you only around an hour of use or less
  • Can’t use the SPRK+ with other Sphero apps
  • This will only work with the standard. Need a lot of space for the SPRK+ to run as it accelerates from zero to its 2m/ second top speed.


This is the time teachers get their best day at school every day with the SPRK+ Power Pack that charge, store, and carry SPRK+ robots by the dozen. Tote it all like a boss in a sleek airline compliant carrying case on rollers with a retractable handle, and you’ll be the best teacher ever as you just need to plug in, power up, and roll out the ball!

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