tech21 evo check flexshock case review


If you're attached to the look and feel of your phone, go for a clear and flexible case. The case I'm going to review today is a flexible, and clear case from Tech21 Evo Check Flexshock Case.


First Impression

The first thing that comes to my mind about the Tech21 Evo Check Flexshock case is how flexible it is. Although it looks like a simple case for me,  when I bend it many time, it still stays the same, no damage at all, and that’s when I think there’s quality material in this simple-looking case.



tech21 evo check flexshock case review

The top of the case is solid and bottom part is loose. The cut out for the ports are neat and easy access to charging and headphone ports.

I can also see a slightly raised edges, it’s not high, but I think it’s enough to protect the screen from falling down screen first.

I’m not sure what the check pattern and patented ribs are for, but I think it’s to protect your phone from drops.



It’s a rubber case, so there’s a lot of grip to it. I had no problem taking this phone in and out of my pockets, and it doesn’t attract any pocket lint or dust. There were no issues taking my phone in and out of my pockets.

The back of the case is very thin, which concern me but there’s a check pattern on it, and I guess it will protect against drops.

The cut-outs for the headphone jack and charging port are too large. It goes a bit to the back. The camera cut-out is too low and raised edges are also low too. Anyway, thin design cases maybe have minimal protection.

The things that I find amazing: The things that I find annoying:
  • Thin & light-weight
  • Flexible & strong
  • Patented ribs for protection
  • No protection for the camera cut-out
  • No protection against dust and debris
  • Large cut-out on the headphone jack and charching port


I think the case is very light-weight to carry around and since it’s a rubber case, it’s also flexible, and grippy on all side. The ports are perfectly cut out but unfortunately, I think the camera cut-out is too low and raised edges are also low too. The buttons are easy to press, easy access to the headphone jack and charging port.

I bought the case for Samsung Galaxy S9 for A$49.95, and I think it’s not worth the price since the case is so thin. I can say the Tech21 Evo Check Flexshock Case suits those of you who like flexible thin cases, and hates closed ports because some people find it annoying to open and close the ports every time you want to charge. 

My concern is the low raised edges, thin back, low protection for the camera cut-out, and no protection against dust and debris. Anyway, I guess thin design cases have minimal protection. So, that’s all about my honest review on the Tech21 Evo Check Flexshock Case. If you have any experience witg this case, you can share here and let me know what you think.

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