tech21 evo wallet card folio case for galaxy s9 review

I’ve tried out a couple of wallet cases with different design and brand and I end up loving this wallet case because of the detachable card storage, and high protection it offers. The Evo Wallet Case from tech21 isn’t just a wallet case, It also give sturdy protection against falls and drops up to 3.6 metres and the clip is so sturdy but flexible.

Design & Features

tech21 evo wallet card folio case for galaxy s9 review australia

The case is very thin and lightweight on my hand, and I can also bend the bumper case. The bumper case feels offers 3.6 metres drop protection which I didn’t believe at first, but when I looked at the inside of the bumper case, I can see ridges, and the frame feels more sturdy at the top than the bottom. The bumper case is made of high-quality plastic, but unfortunately, I found some smudges on the bumper case and scratches on the front cover, and also at the bumper case.

A lot of wallet cases end up so thick, but the Evo does a great job of making the case feel like a bumper case than a wallet case. The front cover looks stylish with the patterns. I can really feel the patterns but be aware not to scratch it because it can be easily scratched and catch small dust very fast too. I can also feel the cover for the buttons so precised but a bit too hard to press.

Best Features

tech21 evo wallet card folio case for galaxy s9 review

This case is famous in the market for the detachable card storage. But how does the detachable card storage work? Well, it’s very simple. The design of the card storage is concealed by a magnetic flap that is lined with microfiber. So, when you put in your cards then you just close it and the detachable flap will keep it sealed until you open it.

The card storage compartment snaps into the back of the case and when if you don’t want to carry it with you, you can just pull it off the case and replace the gap that’s left there with theback cover. The button to close the case is also tough so I can say when you close the case with the button, it will close tightly. I also did a test to open and close and the result is that the quality of the close button on the flap is high.

Easy to dry

tech21 evo wallet card folio case for galaxy s9 review

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Nice hard cover
  • Sturdy sides on the clip
  • High quality plactic case
  • 2 magnets on the card cover
  • Button cover is a bit hard but precise
  • Easy to clean if the case gets wet
  • Easily get scratched
  • High raised bezel screen
  • Hard to remove the phone
  • Back cover is flexible but thin
  • Pattern on the cover tend to catch dust
  • Can’t make it stand because it’s too slippery


I love it when the flap cover for the card storage closes. It just stays there until I open it, and this is also safe for the screen as the cards don’t touch the screen. The design for the cover looks stylish with the patterns but will catch small dust very fast, and stays on the cover. It picks smudges quickly on the bumper case too. You can also add a screen protector like the Tech21 screen protectors which works perfectly with the case.

One thing that bothers me is that I couldn't make it stand vertically as it's too slippery. However, this case is suitable for those of you looking for a lightweight wallet case, card protection, and high drop protection. But, once again beware of the dust sticking on the cover and scratches on the front of the cover and back of the bumper case. 

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