tech21 pure clear bulletshield vs catalyst impact casefor iphone xrThe iPhone XR is undoubtedly the most sophisticated phone today and if you already have one, keeping the beauty of your iPhone XR against drops and scratches are a must. In a glance, both clear cases look similar in design with the same 3 metres drop protection, but maybe you’re still not sure which one to get between the Catalyst and Tech21 because both looks the same, so we’ll help you get the right clear case so that you can showcase your iPhone XR.

Tech21 Pure Clear Bulletshield for iPhone XR

tech21 impact clear bulletshield for iphone xr

The design of this case is clear with a ribbed pattern at the sides to make it grippy to hold.  It's covered with a bullet shield material, but I don’t recommend to test it with a gunshot because it doesn’t mean it’s bulletproof from a real gun. That said, it’s more to a high-performing impact material case where it can protect it from drops until 10 feet high. The case stays clear longer than other clear cases since they have UV yellowing resistant. It’s compatible with Wireless Charging too. Overall, If you’re looking for a case that gets yellow a lot longer than other clear cases, 10 feet drop protection and able to showcase your new iPhone XR altogether then you can get this Tech 21 Pure Clear case.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • High-performing impact material case
  • UV yellowing resistant
  • No port covers
  • Easily get scratches

Catalyst Impact Protection Case for iPhone XR

catalyst impact protection case for iphone xr

The Catalyst Impact Protection feels very solid but is thin and light to hold. Though it looks slimmer and weigh lighter but this case has a 10 feet drop protection that will protect your phone from everyday impacts. The design of the Catalyst features a grippy rubber bumper, lanyard attachment, and rotating mute switch. It’s a bit wider than other average cases; hence it will add an extra 17% to the overall thickness. The blend of TPU they use in the case keeps your iPhone from slipping around easily. This case costs $10 more from Tech 21 because it comes with a wrist lanyard and sealed from dust and debris.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Comes with a wrist lanyard
  • Dust & debris seal
  • Wider than average case
  • The gap at the top


It’s hard to see the difference in design when you look at both case in a glance, but I can tell you that there’s a difference between these two clear cases. The Tech 21 and Catalyst have the same clear design, and same 10 feet drop protection. While the difference is the Catalyst comes with a wrist lanyard, but Tech 21 doesn’t, and Tech 21 has UV yellowing, but Catalyst doesn't. Though Catalyst has wider sides and costs $10 more than the Tech 21, there are certainly more advantages on the Catalyst as it comes with a wrist lanyard and is sealed against dust and debris.

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