tech21 pure clear bulletshield case review australia

I’m fed up with clear cases because they usually turn yellow in the end but I heard from a friend of mine that the Tech21 Pure Clear Bulletshield Case has the UV yellowing resistant features which means the case will stay clear longer than other clear cases.

So, I bought this case hoping that it won’t turn out to be like other clear cases that turns yellow very fast, and the fact that the name of the case has a bulletshield case name on it then let’s find out if it’s really bullet-proof.

First impression & Review

tech21 pure clear bulletshield case review australia

What makes me curious about the Tech21 Pure Clear Bulletshield Case is that the case has a bulletshield case written on the title name of the case but I think the case features a very strong material rather than bullet-proof from a real gun.

I guess the ridges inside the case is for drop protection, and I think it’s nice to have the ridges inside the case as there are cases with ridges outside which is a bit annoying for some people.

The clear case is so light and thin but a bit slippery on the hand and the table. I tested on wireless charging, and it works well too.



tech21 pure clear bulletshield case review australia

Ridges inside the case is nice, and I can feel the soft feeling on the bumper outside. Although the raised bezel is high but the edges are not so thick, and this worries me because if you accidentally drop it edge first then be ready to have a crack screen. There's also a gap between the floor and the screen phone. This is great as there will be some protection when you drop it facing the screen first. The cut-outs for charging, volume, and a headphone jack is loose, and large, which leave a lot of space for danger.

Things that I find amazing:
  • Raised bezel is pretty high
  • Very slim and light-weight
  • Two layers, patented ribs
Things that I find annoying:
  • Easily scratch
  • Smudges everywhere
  • No port covers to protect dust and debris
  • Cut-outs for charging, volume, and headphone jack is loose, and large
  • As you can see the picture here that there’s a light scratch.


I bought this case because I like the clear look with the phone. It's very sleek looking and doesn't add much bulk to the phone and impressed by the sturdiness of the case. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a sturdy clear case that keeps clear longer than any other clear case.

In my opinion, clear cases tend to get yellow easily, just like my past experience with clear cases, but the Tech21 Pure Clear Bulletshield Case is something different. During my six months of usage, the case is still clear. This quality clear case comes at A$49.95 for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

So, that’s all about my honest review Tech21 Pure Clear Bulletshield Case. If you have any experience with this clear case, you can share here and let me know what you think.

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