As phone cameras advance, we can now take great photos and videos with only the phones in our hands. However, there is a way that can allow you to capture even better content with the very same phone.
That’s right, by using add-on lenses! By turning your phone camera into a professional camera with various features such as wide-angle, portrait, and cinematic view, an add-on lens has been a life-changing favourite of photography and videography enthusiasts everywhere.
Reinventing how mobile photography could be more convenient, compact, and comprehensive, ShiftCam strives to keep on creating the best possible mobile photography and videography tools for the people. Aiming to make the most seamless transition from a phone camera to a professional camera, ShiftCam has created various advanced add-on lenses that allow you to capture better photos and videos and take your phone camera to the next level!
Read on to discover some of our favourite ShiftCam add-on lenses for your phone.


Take your phone camera to the next level with a simple click of ShiftCam Perfect Frame 18MM Wide-Angle ProLens! Fit more into your frame and capture up to 2x more content than your phone’s native camera with this compact add-on lens.
Bringing 110 degrees wide-angle with edge-to-edge clarity, capture more on your every shot and create rich image composition of flat lays, portraits, and even selfies. Shoot flat lays like a pro and achieve the perfect top-down shot with full display even when close to your subject. An ideal lens for every occasion, ShiftCam Perfect Frame 18MM Wide-Angle ProLens enhances your perspective and fits more into your frame with a single click!
Great for both photography and videography, this versatile lens is compatible with most devices from iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, and OnePlus to iPad and even laptops. Light and compact, easily carry the lens in your pocket and create amazing content wherever you go.
The ShiftCam Portraits of Everyday 60mm Telephoto ProLens comes in a complete package with a magnetic lens cap, microfibre pouch, and a universal lens mount in ShiftCam’s signature premium packaging.
ShiftCam Perfect Frame 18MM Wide-Angle ProLens is available online for $149.95.


Capture unique details and create stunning intimate portraits like a pro with ShiftCam Portraits of Everyday 60mm Telephoto ProLens.
Made with quality cinematic hand-crafted glass, achieve 2-5x optical zoom that allows you to focus on unique details and showcase your subject with a balanced proportion.
ShiftCam Portraits of Everyday 60mm Telephoto ProLens allows you to zoom in and create intimate, sharp, and distortion-free portraits without getting too close to your subject. Get a compressed perspective with balanced and natural proportions for stunning emotional pictures.
Compatible with most devices, including iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, OnePlus, iPad, and even laptops with the ShiftCam Universal Mount, this compact and versatile lens is excellent for various photography styles. Adding more depth to your portraits, food and travel photos, and more, shoot your favourite content like a pro with only a single click!
Rated #1 lens for mobile by Tom’s Guide, quickly turn your phone to a pro portrait camera with this ShiftCam’s add-on lens. Lightweight and compact, the hassle-free ShiftCam Portraits of Everyday 60mm Telephoto ProLens fit right in your pocket so that you can shoot unique portraits anytime, anywhere.
ShiftCam Portraits of Everyday 60mm Telephoto ProLens comes with a magnetic lens cap, microfibre pouch, and a universal lens mount, all packed in ShiftCam’s signature interactive packaging for an immersive unboxing experience.
ShiftCam Portraits of Everyday 60MM Telephoto ProLens is available online for $149.95.


If you’re looking more for an all-in-one add-on lens package that can help capture great videos on your phone, then ShiftCam Videographer ProLens Kit might be the perfect one for you.
An essential kit for mobile filmmakers and content creators, capture beautiful cinematic videos with the 1.33x Anamorphic and 60mm Telephoto ProLens, both included in this kit.
Dive into the mobile cinematic journey and tell your story with dreamy and immersive looks of the 1.33x Anamorphic ProLens. Or switch it to the 60mm Telephoto ProLens to bring your subject closer with a compressed close-up perspective while maintaining a natural and balanced proportion.
Versatile and interchangeable, ShiftCam Videographer ProLens Kit turns your everyday life into a movie. Go out and take a walk around your city with a new perspective. You’ll find many great materials to shoot and effortlessly turn them into beautiful cinematic videos. Instantly bring a cinematic, emotional, and intimate feel to your videos, inviting the audience to get closer to your story.
ShiftCam Videographer ProLens Kit covers both wide and long shooting ranges and comes with a free tailor-made pouch, made exclusive for bundles only. The dedicated dual-lens travel pouch help protect your gears and makes them easy to carry. The ProLens Kit also comes with a durable ProLens mount with a universal fit and a cleaning cloth for your lenses.
Treat the inner filmmaker in you with ShiftCam Videographer ProLens Kit and capture great films like a pro with just a simple click on your phone!
ShiftCam Videographer ProLens Kit for iPhones is available online for $289.95.