The perfect screen protector to fit in your Otterbox Defender case

The Otterbox Defender is a strong, rugged case in the market today. For those of you using the Defender with the screenless edition and still confused which screen protector to use then read below because I’m going to share my experience with the two screen protector that will fit in your Otterbox Defender case perfectly. Let’s see the screen protectors below that fits precisely in your Otterbox Defender case.

1. EFM Screen armour

Second Only to diamond

Best Screen protector for otterbox defender case

The EFM screen armour is as strong as the Defender case. With the hardness of the curved Sapphire screen armour only second to diamond, the sapphire coating is hard enough to protect your phone’s screen from scratches, and yes it worked, it seems to be clean from scratches although I dropped the keys many times and scratched it hard, there won’t be any scratches, I found a lot of smudges which bother me a bit.

Tough Technology

EFM Screen armour for otterbox defender

The EFM Curved Sapphire screen armour is constructed from 6 layers featuring a sapphire hardness coating. This is the most technologically advanced coating to provide the ultimate anti-scratch surface for the screen. No wonder why there were no scratches at all when I did the scratch test with a scissor and keys. The scratch test went perfectly without scratches

Tested by a steel ball

EFM Screen armour Tested by a steel ball

The second to diamond screen, EFM screen armour is a very strong screen which has been tested by dropping a steel ball from varying heights up to 2 metres onto the screen and screen armour, then determining the amount of impact force (kg) produced which means the higher the impact force, the higher the impact rating. This is a robust screen protector that can withstand scratches although you’ll likely find smudges all over the screen. A rainbow effect will appear if you press the screen hard, but it won’t really bother you.

2. ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass Curve Elite

Superior touch sensitivity & secure-fit adhesive

Invisible Shield Glass Curve Elite Australia

The tempered glass from Glass Curve Elite really do feel like your original screen; it sticks to the screen along the entire edge, and the screen seems to respond quickly to every swipe and touch. This is because of the specialized glass and premium composition of this smooth tempered glass that gives touch sensitivity and 100-percent clarity.

The customized curved screen protector fits the screen perfectly thanks to the meticulously sleek design and curved edges that blend with the existing screen precisely. It’s also a case-friendly screen protector, and because it’s so smooth, I reckon you won’t even know the screen protector is there.

Smooth, silky feel

Invisible Shield Glass Curve Elite Australia

The smooth and silky feeling comes from materials made inside the Glass Curve Elite. The glass used in the manufacturing process helps keep your screen pristine-looking and smooth to the touch. It is infused with a smudge-resistant finish, which prevents fingerprints from accumulating. However, I found some smudges but not as much as the EFM screen armour.

Bonus installation tray

Bonus installation tray Invisible Shield Glass Curve Elite

The Invisible Shield Glass Curve Elite comes with an installation tray inside which you’ll find it in the kit. This is to make the installation of the Glass Curve Elite accurate and will reduce the potential for bubbles and misalignment.


Both of the screen protectors fit the Otterbox Defender perfectly. The EFM can withstand hard scratches, and the Glass Curve Elite has a shock absorbent layer, and both have excellent touch sensitivity. EFM Screen Armour has got a lot of smudges when you touch it while the Glass Curve Elite has bubbles will get bubbles if you don’t install it carefully with the EZ Apply but you could make it disappear with the application squeegee. However, both fit in perfectly with the Otterbox Defender.

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