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To keep up the full usefulness of the iPhone, it is vital to explore case alternatives for protection. Cell phones users get to access their phone as often as possible and utilize them to convey essential data and identification, so having a defensive shell, particularly one from an organization, for example, OtterBox makes the consequent and inevitable drops less extreme. The perfect case varies from customer to purchaser.
A wide range of cases exists for purchasers who are just searching for an optional case as a fashion statement, the individuals who require their phones to bolster serious workouts, or whose demanding occupations may require a case that can better persevere through the components. Having a thought of what significant tech websites and client reviews can limit the extensive variety of OtterBox cases for iPhone.

Size of the Case

size and layer protection to consider for your otterbox case

On one noteworthy total review site, the top of the line OtterBox case is the Commuter, accepting huge numbers of its top reviews for size and feel. The Commuter is fundamentally less bulky than alternate models at 1.32 oz, weighing around three time not exactly the others. Despite the fact that it might need some protection, the case most solidly grips the phone without including much bulk.
A few clients who have attempted different brands and other OtterBox models assert that with the better grip of the Defender, drops are less regular.

Low-Cost & best value Otterbox Case

cheapest and best value for your money from otterbox

The Prefix is OtterBox's slightest costly iPhone case. The solid silicone, polycarbonate skeleton work of the OtterBox Prefix is thicker than the Commuter and the Reflex, additionally the slightest protective.
The Prefix is a one-piece case, implying that it doesn't snap set up like the Reflex. The dark model keeps up the smooth outline of the iPhone, while Pop Purple or Glow Green inflections make it exceptional, give it character, and make discovering your phone in the covers or the car.
The Reflex and Commuter cases are additionally very moderate, however the Prefix emerges as the most minimal valued. The Prefix Series is a decent decision for clients who wouldn't mind dust development can exchange an additional piece of mass for more savings, don't bother with an additional layer of silicone defense, and who don't oftentimes remove their iPhone from the case. One agreement in a mainstream Mac forum shows that the Prefix bodes well for the individuals who like its appearance and just require essential protection for their iPhone.

Attractive and colourful OtterBox Case

attractive and colourful otterbox case for smartphones

An assortment of colours and designs exist over all OtterBox series cases. To include character and adequate protection against most drops, the smooth Glow Green and Pop Purple are brightening choices. The Reflex series comes in exemplary Coal and three extra translucent colour combination that don't trade off the first look of the iPhone itself.
The Commuter series gives the most in presentation, with sparkling plastic cases running from hot pink to water blue, the subtle, warm tones of the silicone skins, three 3-D plans, and 64 construct your-own alternatives. The Defender is the main other OtterBox case to offer client-designed phones.
Additionally, the Defender offers six strong and six angle colour plans, and the iPhone 5-select Realtree Camo models. For OtterBox fans and followers, the Armor Series highlights four submerged nature cases, and additionally five unbiased strong cases for their most overwhelming duties and outdoorsy case. For purchasers searching for the most attractive case, the Defender is the most noteworthy client audited OtterBox model accessible.

OtterBox for Outdoor Labour

otterbox defender for outdoor use

The perfect OtterBox case for outside work is the Defender Series. This iPhone case has the most business-unbiased colours to choose. All the more significantly, this is the main OtterBox case to accompany a dark holster and belt clip to secure to the belt amid serious physical work.
For occupations requiring successive phone calls, the belt proves to be useful, and is the most often referred to positive feature. The Defender wins its name for its built-in screen defender and the capacity to keep harm from soil and trash. Numerous clients don't select to move up to the more current Armor series because of its extra bulk. The outside elastic tabs secure the camera, earphone, volume, and charging ports, while the plastic internal shell prevents scratches to the telephone itself.

Consider a Water-Resistant OtterBox Case

water resistant otterbox series for smartphone

The OtterBox Armor Series takes assurance to another level; truth be told, one well known tech site posted a video that called the Armor Series nearly overkill. One of the primary selling point of the Armor Series is its water and smash resistance. As per the maker, the watertight locks, seals, and covers can withstand finish submersion in more than six feet of water without harm for up to 30 minutes. In spite of being the most costly OtterBox make, this model routinely gets beat appraisals on the client review segment of the maker's site; be that as it may, many complain about traded off sound quality on active calls.
The Armor vents permit sound to transmit without hurting the outside ports and layer, and numerous fun submerged tests exist on well known video transfer websites exhibiting its video and sound abilities.

Other case series worth to mention is also the strada leather which is the leather series of the otterbox. This case have a flip and storage feature for a business and daily use. With the drop proof technology added to the case, makes this case one step advance of protection and style. The downside is the price a bit high compare to other model which starting from AU$59.95 with selection up to 6 colour available at Syntricate.

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