top 3 rugged case for microsoft surface pro 3 4 5 and 6

Today I’ll be sharing my review about some of the best collection of rugged cases for Microsoft Surface Pro from the cheapest to the expensive one. So, let’s get started and choose the right case!

1. STM Dux Rugged Folio Case for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - Black/Clear

stm dux rugged folio case for microsoft surface pro 3 black/clear

The Australian design case is wrapped with a military standard and drop tested 26 times from one and a half metres. The case is mostly made from mostly plastic with transparent back panel and rubber all around the edges. The ports are all open, Microsoft pen holder at the back, easy access, soft buttons, decent bevel camera, and added protection on the edges.

The thing that stands out from this case is the built-in kickstand, so there’s no need to use your surface kickstand. Hence, it’ll secure your device longer since you don’t need to open and close your case to use the kickstand. Moreover, the kickstand support multiple viewing angles, so it’s great for watching movies, reading or drawing. The downside is the scratches might appear over time. This transparent case costs $69.95.

2. Gumdrop Droptech Rugged Case for Surface Pro 6/ Pro 5/ Pro 4 - Black

gumdrop droptech rugged case for surface pro 6/propro5/pro 4 - black

This is a Californian American brand focusing on a thick heavy duty case for people who are always on the go. the material is made from a combination of TPU and rubber with the flipped back kickstand and protector as well. It looks like a childproof iPad case, the back rubber also looks like a tire and the edges have pretty thick protection.

The bottom of the case is soft, and bevel edges are decent for a heavy duty case. It should take you only one second to put it on your Microsoft Surface if you’re an expert in installing cases. The plus for this case is that it has all rubber on the sides and edges which gives it an extra bulkiness for added grip. This case cost you around $99.95.

3. Griffin Survivor Slim Rugged Case for Surface Pro 6/ Pro 5/ Pro 4 - Black

griffin survivor slim rugged case for surface pro 6/ pro 5/ pro 4- black

This is the only two-piece design rugged case that combines with the built-in screen protection and dust protector. Installing the case is pretty easy, just give it a snap on the case protector and the kickstand. It’s also easy to open and have a rubber cable attached to the case so you won’t lose it. There’s a hole for the air so that your surface won’t overheat and doesn't affect any sensitivity on the screen.

The edge of the screen leaves a gap if you see it from the side but it doesn't really bother me that much in terms of glare. Overall,  this is a pretty good case for anyone looking for all-in-one surface pro case that protects with a military standard crop protection and this is the most expensive one that will cost you $109.95.


In conclusion, It comes back to your personal needs. If you use your Surface Pro more in the office environment,  get the STM dux because it has the built-in kickstand, so there’s no need to use the Surface kickstand. Furthermore, It'll secure your device longer. If you use your surface pro more at home with children environment, I suggest you go for gumdrop as it has a lot of rubber, and if you want to go for more expensive with great quality one then go for the Griffin survivor since it comes with a protector on the back and front with an extra screen protector.

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