Calling all gamers! Are you a novice or a pro-player? Whichever level you’re on, equipping yourself with an extra pair of accessories can surely enhance your gaming experience. The right accessories can provide a more seamless mobile gaming experience and help you level up like a pro at any of your favorite games. Whether you’re a fan of action, arcade, multiplayer online games, puzzles, or card games, these accessories will surely take your gaming experience to the next level!
Read on to discover some of our favorite accessories that can help elevate your mobile gaming experience.


Anti-slip is definitely one of the essential features needed in every gaming phone case. You surely don’t want to lose that epic round just because your phone slips out of your palm, right? As an answer to that problem, OtterBox offers the Easy Grip Gaming Case for iPhone 13 Pro that helps you to hold your phone firmly and comfortably.
With its ergonomic and sleek design, the OtterBox Easy Grip Gaming Case provides a comfortable and firm grip for your phone. This case is carefully designed with anti-slip grip edges, while also ensuring the side buttons and mute switch on your phone can work perfectly without any disturbance.
Equipped with CoolVergence technology, this case prevents your phone from overheating by dissipating the heat produced during gameplay. Durability is also not to be questioned, since the OtterBox Easy Grip Gaming Case is certified with Drop+, passing hours of various tests including drop test and thermal shock test.
Find yourself getting nervous during games? Or maybe you just naturally have sweaty palms? Don’t worry, because OtterBox Easy Grip Gaming Case comes with a custom-molded texture for sweat resistance. Now, you can stay focused on your game without getting distracted or worrying about your sweat getting in the way!
Not only that, the OtterBox Easy Grip Gaming Case is also built with antimicrobial technology that helps protect your case’s exterior against many common bacteria, keeping it clean for comfortable and long-lasting gameplay. Optimized for 5G, this case is also compatible with all other OtterBox gaming products.
OtterBox Easy Grip Gaming Case for iPhone 13 Pro is available online for a special price of $80.95 from $89.95.


Another must-have item to take your gaming experience to the next level, the SteelSeries Arctis 3 Console Edition Gaming Headset is not just another headset. Its S1 speaker drivers are engineered to produce a detailed and balanced soundscape with ultra-low distortion to give you real and immersive sensations as you play every match.
Designed with AirWeave ear cushions that keep your ears cool and dry, this headset is also equipped with an exclusive skin goggle suspension headband that distributes the weight across your entire head to eliminate any pressure points. So, you can enjoy playing games all day without any discomfort.
SteelSeries Arctis 3 Console Edition Gaming Headset is also perfect for multiplayer games as it comes with a ClearCast mic, the best microphone in gaming that can deliver studio voice clarity, helping you to easily communicate with your friends and have more fun together. With an advanced background noise cancellation feature, this headset takes you on a fully immersive gaming experience like no other!
SteelSeries Arctis 3 Console Edition Gaming Headset is available online for $134.95 and is compatible with all console gaming platforms, including mobile phones, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.


Sitting right next to your opponent? Worry not, because OtterBox Gaming Glass Privacy Guard Screen Protector protects you from getting cheated on with its two-way horizontal privacy glass blocker. Not only preventing getting your tricks exposed, this screen protector is also equipped with advanced drop protection, shatter resistance, and 2X anti-scratch technology, providing full protection for your phone screen.
OtterBox Gaming Glass Privacy Guard Screen Protector comes with reinforced edges that resist chipping and maintain the screen’s brightness and clarity, so it won’t bother your vision while you’re playing your favorite games. Last but not least, this screen protector also has antimicrobial agents that help block microbial growth and keep your phone screen clean for more comfortable gameplay. Enjoy your game to the fullest with OtterBox Gaming Glass Privacy Guard Screen Protector.
OtterBox Gaming Glass Privacy Guard Screen Protector is available online for $59.95.


For all the active and commuting gamers out there, it can be a hassle with a high risk of damage when you have to carry your gaming equipment around. Well, ease your worries with this special OtterBox Gaming Carry Case!
Protect your controller, triggers, and joysticks from drops, bumps, and fumbles with the durable and water-resistant OtterBox Gaming Carry Case. Keep all your favorite gaming accessories in this compact and secure storage, and conveniently take them with you anywhere you go.
OtterBox Gaming Carry Case is equipped with a cable pass to charge your Xbox controller and designed with a comfortable handle for convenient carrying. This carry case is also designed with a quick flip mobile phone stand to hold your phone in a place at any angle for practical and portable gameplay on the go. Protection, simplicity, and convenience, you can have them all with this multifunctional OtterBox Gaming Carry Case.
OtterBox Gaming Carry Case is available online for $69.95.