Otterbox, you must have heard of this brand before. The “number  1 selling case in the US” with their most popular series, Defender. Rugged case with drop protection+ certified from Otterbox. In this post, I’ll explain to you why you need Otterbox defender as your phone case.

You’re not a delicate person

If you’re like me, phone is not something you should take care of and consider it as an electronic that’s replaceable anytime, this case is right for you. Why? Because I always put my phone in my pocket with all the keys, go to the gym and casually drop it. With this case, I never bothered if my phone is crack or dent when I put all the stuff together in pocket or bags since it’s fully protected.

You work in a rough environment

Are you a construction worker? Carpenter? Firefighter? Or Police? Now, this is the right case for you. With the dust protection for all ports and rubber protection on the outside, drop is not a big deal since this case can absorb impact and deep beveled edges on all corners.

You hate iRings and iPop but you still need one

This case comes with belt clip that can be used for holder, and phone stand. I found this quite handy to use it as a holder for my backpack, in my office desk or clip it everywhere and watch a movie, play some auto attack games or even as your screen if you use Bluetooth keyboard.

You hate a slippery case

Put your phone on table much and slide all over the place? Since Otterbox defender had rubber on the outside, this case will not slip on any surface. Trust me, this case is antislip certified. Will not slide up to 25 degrees angle on any surfaces.

You cannot install screen protector and don’t want to pay extra $$

Bubbly screen protector? Need to replace every 6 months? Tempered glass cracking all the time? Some of the older defender series already had a build in screen protector, so you don’t need to worry about the screen protector. This case already had it without paying extra $$.

You have a big hands

Do you hate modern slim phone since it’s too small and delicate to handle and worry it will slip from your hands? I hate it too. Modern phone is too thin if you have big hands. With this case, your phone will become more rugged bigger and thicker. Easy to control for some people

You want to sell again your Phone

Now if you’re changing your phone every year with the latest gadget and want to keep your phone value higher with no dent and scratch even though you’re not a delicate person. Go for this case. I used this for the last 8 months and when i open the case, my phone still looks brand new ( i dropped it 5+ times within that period).

There you have it, those are the top 7 reasons you should go for the Otterbox Defender series for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Personally, I used this case for my Samsung Galaxy S8 for the last 8 months and there are pro and con for this case. If you’re one of listed above, trust me, buy this case.

Currently available for all iPhone models and Samsung Galaxy.

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