Many brands available in the market but you’re concern about protections, styles and portability? This time we will cover the best top selling with maximum protection case in 2017 for iPhone 7.

Otterbox Defender

Otterbox is one of top selling brands in Syntricate for protections, style and colours is one you must consider if you getting a tough rugged case for your iPhone 7. This brand is well known for its superior protection and reliability since 1998. One of the rugged case series they offer is the Otterbox defender for iPhone 7.

This case is top selling case from Otterbox among its series, the defender that will provide you with maximum protection. This is one of the toughest case in the market if you use your phone for heavy duty use, and has a build in screen protector that is crystal clear and provide a better view for your iPhone. Beveled edges front and your camera with a polycarbonate shell and synthetic rubber inside make your camera, screen, and all your ports will protected.

This series offer 3 layers of defense inside out from foam-lined inner shell and outer slip cover that will protect from dirt, dust and drops. With all this, this case create a rugged case that you can rely on for everyday use. The minimalist profile also one of the reasons this case becomes the top seller. With currently 3 colours available for iPhone 7, blue, grey and black makes this rugged case looks like an ordinary case without extreme bulk and rugged look for your iPhone.

Griffin Survivor Summit

Ever heard of Griffin? This brand been around and founded since 1992, a US based company in Nashville, Tennessee. They main primary products are the consumer electronics & accessories such as smartphones case and more. This time Griffin launch case for the latest iPhone 7 with a different style from previous version. From last year they start to adapt minimalist design with maximum protections. They survivor extreme series which is the summit provide 4 layers of protection. This case similar to Otterbox defender. What difference it makes is that they have built in screen protector that slides into the case and transform your iPhone 7 into a waterproof case.

The Extreme 4 layers will resist tear and wear from everyday use, prevent dents and the inner ring design from Griffin absorb drop forces up to 3 meters. This Impact dispersion System provides cushions to your device from drop damage that is not available in any other cases. Also with extreme sealed shell that this case have will protect all your ports, mic and speaker from water, dust, and dirt entering your device.

Other what makes this is the number 1 case to choose from is they provide the extreme holster style clip locks which you can use it as a belt clip and you can rotate it and transform into a phone stand to watch videos or a handsfree for facetime camera. Also not forget to mention is that this case has military standard 810-G drop test and IP-55 water protection with only weight of 79.66 gram. A real deal of protection without compromising design.

Currently available in clear white, blue and black for iPhone 7.


There’s a few advantages and disadvantages in both cases. The Griffin offers better protections due to the extra waterproofing even though it’s not submersible into water, but we will list what’s are the main difference in table below to get you to choose which is the best case for you.

Griffin Survivor Summit

Otterbox Defender


  • Offer better dust protections, all speakers and holes have extra membranes preventing dust and dirt from entering.
  • Have better access and softer material to all your buttons.
  • Splash-proof, rain-proof added extra water protection
  • Well build with minimalist design
  • Belt clip is tougher
  • Crystal clear screen protector and won’t reduce picture quality


  • Bulkier than Otterbox defender
  • Screen protector have less viewability for your retina display
  • Some complaint about the speaker membranes block the sound quality
  • Less dust protection due to uncovered speaker holes and camera
  • Harder buttons access
  • Might have gaps between screen protector and your device makes it harder to touch


In Contrast, both cases are identical for protections for rugged use, but Griffin has more advantages with extra $5 you have to pay for extra dust protection and waterproofing.

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