twelve south book book iphone case for iphone 7/8/6s review

First of all, I love the idea of a book style case with a  vintage look of the Bookbook, and I love that it gets better looking right away at the exterior. The Bookbook is famous for the aged library book appearance and also makes a great decoration around the house and camouflages well in my bookcase. But, how’s the quality of this bookcase? Is it as great as the concept?

Design & Features

twelve south book book iphone case for iphone 7/8/6s review

There’s an updated look from the book spine that makes it a different design from the previous BookBook cases. The interior looks a lot sexier than the previous generation because Twelve South has given the interior with darker colour schemes and the inside of the hard shell case is very soft. The inside of the case has access to 5 card slots, and behind all the card slots, you’ll see a pocket to store cash.

The card slots have been changed from the previous generation in order to improve their toughness and prevent them from stretching and pilling over time. The slots on the back of the hard shell case act as anchors. You can transform the BookBook into an iPhone stand by attaching just one side of the anchors to the wallet half then you can watch your favourite movie.


The iPhone snaps right into the hard shell case and fits well. The thing that I love the most is that the hard shell case can be removed from the wallet and just use the hard shell case instead of the wallet case altogether. The hard shell case provides easy access to the power and volume buttons, as well as the ringer/silent switch.

  • Large cutouts
  • Removable Shell
  • Bulky like a tiny book
  • Wireless charger goes through the shell but not with the case


Although the case feels bulky, the classy look is beautiful, and it has an old tiny ancient text on the case that has brought many admirers to stare and comment when they see it. BookBook is for someone who wants the utilitarian qualities of a wallet case and freedom of detaching and removing the hard-shell case when the wallet is not needed like when you’re just around the house.

It also makes a classy decoration around the house and camouflages pretty nice in a bookcase. I was nervous about my wireless charging pad being able to reach through the shell, but it does! I then have the option to slide the shell back into the wallet after charging or I can just use it as a single case. In conclusion, I can say that the quality is as great as the concept of the case.

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