twelve south bookbook leather wallet case vs twelve south journal leather folio wallet case

Combining your wallet and iPhone means one less thing to remember when you walk out the door. I remember when I got my new iPhone, I immediately started looking around for the best leather wallet case since I love wallet phone cases, and because of its all-purpose case. We’ll now have a look at the difference between the two cases from the same brand with only $20 difference. Here are my thoughts about both cases from Twelve South cases.

Twelve South Bookbook Leather Wallet Case

twelve south bookbook leather wallet case

Here, we’re looking at a book-designed wallet case from Twelve South Bookbook Leather Wallet Case. Twelve South gives you a case with the sense that you’re carrying around a leather-bound book instead of  a normal iPhone cases (It’s the right case for book lovers.) The interior iPhone shell is carefully stitched into place and very secure, and the composite shell holds the iPhone in place, and even it has a leather inlay.

You can bring your phone and cards at the same time in the two slots for cards which fits 2 cards in each slot. There’s a clear window pocket for your ID and a hidden pocket where you can stash cash or other receipts. A wallet case isn’t a case if it doesn’t work as a viewing stand. You can use the Bookbook case for hands-free, FaceTime calling, watching movies,   sharing your favourite YouTube videos with friends, and you can also even prop the Bookbook stand to use the self-timer to take some group photos.

Twelve South Journal Leather Folio Wallet Case

twelve south journal leather folio wallet case

Meet the modern designed case that withstands really well against standard use. In the same wallet-style as the BookBook, Twelve South has released the Journal Leather Folio case for the iPhone-Twelve South’s most luxurious case yet. Journal is a premium, all-leather wallet case for iPhone, not just a plastic shell with a card flap added. Full-grain leather is not only used on the outside but throughout the interior as well.

Journal has a reinforced spine and hardcover that helps protect against drops and dings. The shell of the Journal provides a nice cover for the iPhone’s camera bump. The iPhone’s camera sits flush with the rest of the camera back, and it’s just a really nice touch to the design. The Journal is designed to provide you with an easy-to-use viewing angle with its built-in viewing stand, but it doesn’t seem to hold that position very well.


Both cases store up to four slots for cards and have the hands-free display Stand that will make viewing videos or FaceTime easier with your iPhone. Now the difference is the Twelve South Bookbook Leather Wallet Case has a genuine leather while Twelve South Journal Leather Folio Wallet Case is from grain leather. The design from the Bookbook does look like a real book while the Journal looks like a modern design wallet case.

I like genuine leather case so I choose the Bookbook but it comes again to your personal style wether you choose a book design wallet case with genuine leather (Twelve South BookBook Leather Wallet Case) or a modern design wallet folio case with grain leather (Journal Leather Folio Case) with $20 more in priceSo, would you choose the book-design wallet case or a modern design folio case? The choice is yours.

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