For those of you traveling with an Apple watch, you certainly need to bring another charger plus accessories. Twelve South recognizes what people need, so they create a convenient package for a multipurpose way to charge and a way to store a full charging setup and extra accessories.

This cool portable silicone capsule is both a stand and case for your Apple Watch. It can hold your charging cable, magnetic charging disc, extra watchbands, USB charger and more, and opens to create a multi-angle travel charging stand.

TimePorter is the perfect bedside companion whether you’re traveling or just using it on your nightstand at home. Let’s have a look at my hands-on review below.

The Design You’ll love

Twelve South TimePorter

In a glance, this TimePorter looks a lot like a standard sunglasses or eyeglasses case, with the same general shape. Covered in soft leather in either black or white, the TimePorter measures in at about six inches wide and an inch and a half tall. The case is really the same size to some of the sunglasses cases we had on hand.

At the top of the TimePorter, you can find a cutout to charge your Apple Watch charger (you need to provide your own). Getting the charger inside the TimePorter is easy. There's a silicone plug at the top that's popped out (so this can be used as a case without a charger if you want) and the Apple Watch charging puck is placed inside to fit with the outside case.

What’s inside?

whats inside Twelve South TimePorter

Inside the TimePorter, there's a flexible silicone ridge for winding up the cable of the Apple Watch charger while the puck sits on the surface. At the sides, you can find holes for the end of the cable that connects to the power adapter for charging purposes.

What can you fit inside TimePorter? Everything you need to dress and power your Watch, including the extra-long Apple charging cable. There’s room for an extra band so you can carry the sport band you go out. You can also place your Apple Watch USB adapter (US or International) inside the case. How’s that for convenience?

Wireless Charging Station

For those who prefer nightstand mode, lay your watch across TimePorter horizontally and angle the case open to view while Apple’s magnetic charging disc holds your watch in place. One more thing, you can also drop a USB battery charger inside TimePorter. Plug in your Watch charging cable and as simple as that, and you now have a wireless charging station for your Watch. Cool right?


  • Multipurpose with storage space
  • Priced affordably
  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Accommodates all Apple Watch bands


  • White leather might get dirty
  • Stand angles are more limited with smaller Apple Watch bands
  • Apple Watch charger sometimes pops out and needs to be realigned
  • Doesn't really support Nightstand mode


I think they did a great job at making a product that’s lightweight and easy to take along anywhere. So, is it worth it? Yes. When it comes to the Apple Watch that you spend a great deal to own, you might as well get the best tools to keep it safe and neat just like I did.

Twelve South starts at AU$69.95, this is an excellent price for an accessory that's able to hold a power adapter, extra bands, and other Apple Watches, and a charging stand while you’re traveling or at your bedside. The Twelve South TimePorter is available in black or white. You can get 10% discount throughout June 2018. Get it before it’s too late!

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