uag military standard case for microsoft surface pro 4 review australia

I've had this case for a month now and I’ve been testing it out and from all the cases I have reviewed so far, I would have to say UAG has the best build quality. At first glance, the rubber sides felt flimsy but when attached to the Surface Pro 4 it locks in very tightly which is amazing. 

Impact resistant soft core & Frog skin exterior non-slip grip material

impact resistant case for microsoft surface 4

There’s two reason why I’m excited with the frog skin exterior. When I spilled water, as long as it didn’t fet into my little camera, everything else was fairly protected because of the water resistant features. The smooth material is also grippy on the hand since the Microsoft Surface is very slippery and it’s a good idea to add additional grip on a thousand-dollar device.

Military Standard Case

military standard case from uag australia

This case does add some weight but it is again for somebody like me who drops everything and this thing is a lifesaver. It adds a protective armor to your device and it maintains all the existing ports.

Built in Surface Pen storage

One really nice thing about the Surface Pro that it works with the Pro 3 and vice verca. The thing that was missing on the UAG Case for Pro 3 was actually something for the pen so now with the Pro 4, there’s a place for the pen at the top.

Portrait Viewing Option

portrait viewing from uag case for surface pro 4

The kickstand is made of aluminium and is very rigid. I tried to break it but with a lot of force, it still wouldn't budge. As durable as it was, they were very smart they added two additional magnets on the insides to make sure the kickstand wouldn't fall open. You can put the case in portrait mode and kickstand has five angular positions.

The Downside

Regarding the pen, it fits fairly well on the case, and it also fits the pen for the  Microsoft Surface Pro 3. However, upon testing its snugness, it falls out quite easily so it’s not really secure and I think it’s designed for easy attachment which means that it’s easy to pop out. I wouldn’t hold my pen in the slot as the pen costs pretty much to replace it if it breaks.


Overall, I’m very happy with this case although it adds a little bit of weight to it. However, there's a lot of plus such as the 5-position aluminum stand, a Surface Pen holder, and Microsoft Type Cover Keyboard compatibility. Moreover, this case is comprised of mostly soft rubber and an aluminum kickstand. The kickstand is very sturdy and it is designed to withstand just about anything. It’s just the right case for people who tend to drop everything and  this is probably one of the most rugged cases you can get for your Surface Pro 4 devices.

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