uag plasma armor shell case review

UAG Plasma Armor Shell Case makes some of my favourite cases. The case doesn't come cheap at around A$49.95. So what makes them unique? Well, they have a great balance between slimness and protection. And do so with the unique army style.

First impression

uag plasma armor shell case review australia

I thought this case would all be covered since the cover of the box has a picture of a skier. The first time I hold was light, although it looks tough but it feels light to carry and nice to hold, and not too slick.


uag plasma armor shell case review uag plasma armor shell case review

When I look closely at the case, I was wondering what the five little circular patches are for. I thought for a second that it might be some kind of protection then I tried to take it out, and it did went out. So, I think the rubbery spot might all be off someday in the future and will leave with five holes.

The bumper on the sides are pretty much and goes all the way to the back. There’s like a double bumper on the edges which I think is for drop protection since most drops usually drop first from the edge.


uag plasma armor shell case review

The five little circular patches I guess is to absorb the impact so that your phone doesn't get damaged as they are raised a little bit on the inside. The bumper goes a bit to the back on the edges, and this is to protect the edges.

The raised edges seem to be high enough for me to protect the screen from cracks. The camera cut-outs for the camera appears to be deep too. I can conclude that everything that is built within the case has a purpose which is to protect the phone from drops. It’s also light to carry and grippy enough for me.

The things that I find amazing: The things that I find annoying:
  • Very light to carry
  • The patterns on the case for drop protection
  • Cracks easily
  • 5 little circular patches might disappear in the future


This is one of the smokey clear case that looks tough with some protection. Although it looks like a tough army mobile case, it’s still a plastic case but a strong one with all the patterns for drop protection. 

Overall, the UAG Plasma Armor Shell Case comes at A$49.95 for the Samsung Galaxy S9 case which is a bit expensive for me for a standard case because although there are thick edges and 5 circular patches for protection, I still think the case is a bit thin at the back which worries me if someday I’ll drop it at the back first.

Now, it comes back again to your own taste, whether you like a smokey clear case or not but for me, I rather have the black version. So, that’s all about my honest review with the UAG Plasma Armor Shell Case. If you have any experience with the case, you can share here and let me know what you think.

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