Apple has recently launched the all-new iPhone 13 series, proudly presenting the most advanced dual-camera system and battery life ever on an iPhone. The crafted with the lightning-fast A15 Bionic chip, the designed iPhone 13 series to push the boundaries of what’s possible to do in an iPhone. The iPhone 13 family comprises the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max, with slightly different specs and features for each model.


The iPhone 13 Series unleashes the power of their improved cameras by introducing a new dual-camera system that features a unique wide camera that lets in 47% more light for noise reduction and better low light performance. It features a 12MP wide camera and ultra-wide camera to capture more details without blurring in a low-light environment. The iPhone 13 also comes with a new video feature, the Cinematic Mode, which allows you to automatically shift focus whenever one person enters the frame of the camera or changes direction to look. The iPhone 13 Pro models are equipped with a new system called Photographic Styles, which allows users to apply live photo edits while shooting, a different feature from filters usually applied after.


The family of iPhone 13 devices comes with the A15 Bionic chip, boasting more performance and power efficiency, with a 50% faster-processing power than similar smartphones on the market. A giant leap in battery life and storage, the iPhone 13 series features 1.5 to 2.5 hours longer battery life than their predecessor and comes with more extensive storage with up to 1 TB storage for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.
All iPhone 13 models feature brighter OLED displays with Dolby Vision support for cinematic quality video playback. 5G connectivity is also included for better quality video streaming, higher-definition FaceTime calls, and improved gaming.


The models come in beautiful new colours such as Red, Starlight, Midnight, Gold, Silver, Sierra Blue and feature Ceramic Shield front and back glasses with aluminium or stainless-steel sides. Apple also reintroduced MagSafe with the iPhone 13 series, enabling easy attachment to magnetic accessories and faster wireless charging.
The powerful features of the iPhone 13 make it a substantial investment that surely needs to be of well-taken care. One of the best ways is to invest in a good case to protect your device. Protect your iPhone 13 with the new phone cases from IDEAL OF SWEDEN. Elegant yet functional, here are some of our favourite iPhone cases by the exclusive Swedish brand:

1. IDEAL OF SWEDEN – Atelier Exquisite Textures Case

Beautifully elegant and luxurious, IDEAL OF SWEDEN Atelier Exquisite Textures Case is ethically made with animal-free materials. The case perfectly fits your phone with smooth microfiber lining to prevent scratches. Decorated with gold-toned detailing around the camera and an embossed gold-toned IDEAL OF SWEDEN logo, this case truly elevates your look with effortlessly stylish elegance.
This case is compatible with wireless chargers and interchangeable with other accessories by a simple magnetic click. Mix and match with wallet cases, clutch cases, magnetic cardholders, ring mounts, and more.
The ideal of Sweden: Atelier Exquisite Textures Case is available in Scarlet Croco, Camel Croco, Khaki Croco, Intense Khaki, Intense Black, Onyx Black Khaki, Ideal Black, Embossed Black, and Midnight Leopard.
The ideal of Sweden: Atelier Exquisite Textures Case is available online for $79.95.

2. IDEAL OF SWEDEN – Printed Case

Another option from IDEAL OF SWEDEN is their printed case, available in a wide range of elegant designs and colours for you from to choose. The slim case perfectly adheres to your phone, made from solid and durable plastic. Designed with smooth microfiber lining, this case perfectly protects your phone while keeping it stylish at the same time.
Equipped with built-in magnets to support the Apple MagSafe charger and accessories, easily mix and match this case with a simple magnetic click. From magnetic cardholders to ring mounts, the possibilities are endless!
The ideal of Sweden: Printed Case is available in Golden Twilight, Rose Pearl Marble, Carrara Gold, Black Thunder Marble, Golden Plum, Black Satin, Mint Swirl Marble, Golden Ruby, and Golden Olive Marble.
The ideal of Sweden: Printed Case is available online for $59.95.

3. IDEAL OF SWEDEN – Cora Phone Wallet Exquisite Texture Case

Multifunctional yet stylish, IDEAL OF SWEDEN – Cora Phone Wallet Exquisite Texture Case features two card slots on the inside pocket to hold a minimum of four cards, allowing you to carry more than just your phone.
Ethically made with animal-free materials, this wallet case is designed with a slim fit that perfectly protects your phone. Featuring a magnetic closure and embossed gold-toned IDEAL OF SWEDEN LOGO, the elegant case is designed in Jet Black Croco to elevate your look effortlessly.
The ideal of Sweden: Cora Phone Wallet Exquisite Texture Case is compatible with wireless chargers and magnetic accessories for you to mix and match. Cora Phone Wallet Exquisite Texture Case is truly a unique and versatile case.
The ideal of Sweden: Cora Phone Wallet Exquisite Texture Case is available online for $99.95.