x-doria stainless steel mesh band for apple watch review australia

I bought a stainless band from Apple about six months ago, and it’s been the only band I’m wearing, and I’ve thought about other bands that you can just snap it on. So last week I bought the X-Doria Stainless Steel Mesh Band for Apple Watch, and it does look and feel great. It also really stays in place but is it worth it?

Design & Features

x-doria stainless steel mesh band for apple watch review australia

The packaging for the band is not as elegant as the Apple design which I don’t really mind. It’s a clear plastic clamshell with a hanging cardboard sleeve but pretty easy to open and close. When I open it inside, there’s a really nice and shiny metal mesh. It does look and feels like the Apple band at first glance, but the X-Doria mesh band is something different.

The X-Doria (black) feels more lightweight than the Apple model, but the X-Doria mesh feels a bit sticky maybe because of the black coating and a little bit less dense. When I touched it gently, it does feel like it’s from real stainless steel. The thing that made me a bit sad is that it’s not as dense as the Apple and the magnetic tends to pick other items. Anyway, I won’t mind that because it’s the mesh band that I’ve always wanted where you just snap it on your watch.


The Mesh Band fits 130-180 mm wrists, and it’s very easy to install. You simply just snap it into place just like the Apple brand and then adjust the band as needed.

  • Stays right in place
  • Looks like the expensive band from Apple
  • A little bit less dense
  • Magnetic tends to pick other items


First of all, the mesh band is great, and it looks awesome with my space grey 44 mm Apple watch, it has a nice feeling and stays right in place. Although it has some downsides which are not as dense as the Apple brand and the magnetic catch some stuff on it but it’s the mesh band that I always wanted as it just snaps to the watch and it’s less expensive but looks as expensive as the Apple brand. I feel the X-Doria is well worth the investment if you want to get an elegant and cheaper mesh band for your Apple Watch.

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