Zagg iFrogz Coda & Zagg iFrogz Audio Impulse Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Wireless Comparison

zagg ifrogz coda &  zagg ifrogz audio impulse bluetooth wireless earbuds wireless comparison

Zagg always impressed me with the wireless speaker and headphones, but I was curious about their earbuds: the Coda Wireless and Impulse Wireless due to the fact that they’re really similar but different earbuds. So, I bought one for myself and the other one for my sister. Have a look at both earbuds below and find out the slight difference.

The similarities

When I look at it in a glance, the two pairs of earbuds are hard to distinguish. They both have small bodies covered in some black rubberised material. The hub also looks slightly the same, on the top you’ll find three buttons and a magnetic clip at the back.

The two wires for the earbuds sprout out of one side of the body. The Coda and Impulse are intended to clip to the collar of your shirt with the earbuds going into your ears from there. In terms of sound, both earbuds have way, way too much bass. Both are simple to use but no small case to store them safely.

The Difference

zagg ifrogz coda &  zagg ifrogz audio impulse bluetooth wireless earbuds wireless comparison

There are not a lot of difference between these two earbuds, only in the slight design and price. Both earbuds have $30 difference with the Impulse earbuds as the highest price.

Worst Cable Management

zagg ifrogz coda &  zagg ifrogz audio impulse bluetooth wireless earbuds wireless comparison

The two have one of the worst cable management I’ve ever seen. You’ll see the wires wrapped around the main body in the promotional images, with the magnetic clasp securing them. This image is how you’re meant to keep the earbuds when not in use and when you use it, the cables get into a curl which is annoying for me. When it comes to using the earbuds again, the bends in the wires will rub against your neck and face. I wish there's a little case to store them.


The low to medium volumes of both pairs are fine. The music comes through without a hitch and the singing and speaking audio is crisp, but unfortunately, the loud volumes on both earbuds are horrible, you need to lower the volume down.

This is worsened by the lack of noise cancellation. The sound bleeds through into whatever you’re listening to. The soft conversations of co-workers next to you will easily be heard, and you might be bothered and pop the earbuds out.


After one month of use with these two earbuds, we were sad at the poor performance at higher volumes, untidy cable management, and a lack of noise cancellation. If you consider buying either pair, keep in mind that absurd amount of bass and the curvy wire with no case to store them safely.

Since both have nearly the same quality, but the price are different. The Coda Wireless is A$39.95 and Impulse Wireless is A$69.95.

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