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BlueFlame World Charger Plus Portable Battery

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Product Description

BlueFlame World Charger Plus Portable Battery

World Charger + Portable Battery 
Fast-Charging with 5 Global Plug Adapters + 2000mAh Removable Battery

You have the power. Plug in anywhere. Like, anywhere in the world. Out and about in the rolling hills? No problem, you’ve got the pocket-sized rechargeable battery at the ready. You’re good to go. Literally.

  • 12 Watt / 2.4A wall charger with USB output for most rechargeable device 
  • Includes modular adapters to fit most global electrical outlets including US/Canada/Japan, Continental Europe, UK/Hong Kong/Singapore, China, Australia/New Zealand 
  • Removable rechargeable universal 2000mAh battery, attaches to charging base via magnets and charges while connected
  • Compact and portable design


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