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Brand: PanzerGlassSKU: 8951N/AAvailability : 12 In Stock Out of stock
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PANZERGLASS Spray Twice A Day 30ml


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Shipped directly from Sydney

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  • Keep your screens free from grease and dirt! SPRAY Twice A Day is a new screen cleaner and you can use it for all mobile devices and screens, even for your glasses.
  • SPRAY Twice A Day is based on water and contains only active ingredients commonly used in human hygiene and cosmetic products. It is free from perfumes, ammonia, alcohol and parabens. As no alcohol is included there is no risk that the olephobic layer of the phone’s screen will be worn down.
  • SPRAY Twice A Day is developed in Denmark in close cooperation with Danish Technological Institute.
  • SPRAY Twice A Day is very easy to use. Spray the cleaner directly onto the included cloth. Then wipe the screen with the cloth.

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PANZERGLASS Spray Twice A Day 30ml